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60 years monitoring 60 million stars and no trace of alien life

60 years monitoring 60 million stars and no trace of alien life

Gizmodo | 
[R]adio signals continue to be the most popular SETI target, as focused radio emissions could signal the presence of an ...
Hobbit-sized humans appear to have lived as recently as 50,000 years ago

Hobbit-sized humans appear to have lived as recently as 50,000 years ago

Gizmodo | 
Fossil evidence of [Homo floresiensis and Homo luzonensis found in Southeast Asia], described in 2004 and 2019 respectively, suggests these ...
Viewpoint: It’s time to extend the limit on human embryo research from 14 to 28 days

Viewpoint: It’s time to extend the limit on human embryo research from 14 to 28 days

Gizmodo | 
[The 14-day limit for human embryo research was originally] chosen because it’s only after this stage that the central nervous ...
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Black biologist Charles Henry Turner’s groundbreaking research on animal cognition remains largely unacknowledged

Gizmodo | 
A new Perspectives essay published in Science describes the contributions of biologist Charles H. Turner (1867-1923), an American zoologist whose “early discoveries ...
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Now mostly desert, what was Arabia like when humans migrated out of Africa?

Gizmodo | 
Prior to the last ice age, somewhere between 112,000 and 122,000 years ago, two humans, possibly three, walked south along the shore ...
orangutan laughs at magic trick screenshot youtube

Magic tricks can help us better understand animal intelligence

Gizmodo | 
[A]s a new Science: Perspectives article points out, it’s not just humans who get fooled by magic tricks. Many species of animals ...
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Wooly rhinos driven to extinction by climate change not human hunters

Gizmodo | 
The reign of woolly rhinos, which lasted for millions of years, came to an abrupt end some 14,000 years ago, ...
the love potion x

Medieval medicine resurrected: Could a 1,000 year old potion help fight bacterial infections?

Gizmodo | 
Garlic, onion, wine, and a dash of bovine bile. It’s a veritable witch’s brew, but as a new Scientific Reports paper shows, this ...
radiation hazard radioactive waste nuclear disaster gettyimages

Space Station science: Fungus found at Chernobyl could protect astronauts from galactic cosmic radiation

Gizmodo | 
Galactic cosmic radiation remains a troubling impediment to a sustained human presence in space. This unresolved problem is starting to ...
alien life news possible invisible aliens hiding on earth helen sharman space

Extraterrestrial alert: 737 places where aliens might be hiding

Gizmodo | 
The Exotica Catalog was put together by researchers from Breakthrough Listen, a decade-long program seeking to find signs of intelligent ...
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DNA from 14,000-year-old tooth offers oldest known link between Native Americans and southern Siberia

Gizmodo | 
A 14,000-year-old genome scraped from a prehistoric tooth found in southern Siberia is now the oldest known connection linking living ...
lg habitiability feat x

Colonizing other planets could be the key to humanity’s long-term survival

Gizmodo | 
Our species will face no shortage of existential risks in the coming decades, whether it be from nuclear war, climate ...
naturalremedies min

Anxious dog? Here are some things that may be stressing your furry friend

Gizmodo | 
Nearly three out of four dogs exhibit some kind of serious behavioral problem related to anxiety, according to a survey involving nearly ...
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Ancient tool technology passed down for thousands of generations by extinct human species, study says

Gizmodo | 
When it comes to extinct human species, Neanderthals tend to hog the spotlight. But another group of early humans, Homo erectus, is ...
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‘Disaster for public trust in vaccines’: African malaria study conducted without patient consent

Gizmodo | 
A scathing opinion piece in the BMJ is accusing the World Health Organization of conducting a pilot program in Africa ...
homo erectus fire

Extinct human ancestor Homo erectus evolved in Africa—not Asia—new fossil study suggests

Gizmodo | 
Homo erectus reached the Indonesian island of Java at some point between 1.3 million to 1.5 million years ago, according ...
ivan surgery

Rapid-diagnosing AI makes brain cancer operations ‘safer and more effective than ever before’

Gizmodo | 
Expert human pathologists typically require around 30 minutes to diagnose brain tumors from tissue samples extracted during surgery. A new ...
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Prehistoric ‘chewing gum’ contains Neolithic girl’s DNA, allowing scientists to reconstruct her face

Gizmodo | 
Scientists in Denmark have squeaked out an entire human genome from a prehistoric piece of “chewing gum.” Made from birch ...
pig monkey chimera

First chimeric part-monkey piglets born in China

Gizmodo | 
Scientists in China created piglets whose organs contained some monkey cells. The piglets all died within a week, illustrating the challenges ...
sediba and naledi credit brett eloff wits university

9 significant archaeological discoveries of the past decade, including a Neanderthal-Denisovan hybrid

Gizmodo | 
Here’s a look back at some of the most significant archaeological and anthropological discoveries of the past decade that fundamentally ...
Humans originated in Botswana? New research challenged for using 'weak and inconclusive genetic analysis'

Humans originated in Botswana? New research challenged for using ‘weak and inconclusive genetic analysis’

Gizmodo | 
A new paper claiming that modern humans originated in northern Botswana some 200,000 years ago is being criticized by experts, ...
neanderthal fire rainbow by zdenek burian

Humans ‘are not so special after all’: Neanderthals also knew how to start fires, evidence suggests

Gizmodo | 
At some point, our ancestors harnessed the power of the flame to keep warm, cook food, produce new materials, shoo ...
an unknown human ancestor may have mated with neanderthals and denisovans x

Inherited Neanderthal, Denisovan DNA may help with our metabolism, immunity and diet

Gizmodo | 
Neanderthals and Denisovans went extinct some 35,000 to 40,000 years ago, but not before these closely related hominins interbred with ...
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‘Unexpected’ marriage practices, slavery, social inequality revealed in analysis of Bronze Age remains

Gizmodo | 
A fascinating new study chronicles the family histories of European Bronze Age households, revealing the presence of surprising marital practices, ...
kck kqb

Channeling our ‘inner salamander’: Research suggests humans have ability to repair overworked cartilage

Gizmodo | 
Our bodies have retained the capacity to repair injured or overworked cartilage in our joints, says new research published [October 9] in ...

Would the discovery of life on Mars be ‘world-shaking’?

Gizmodo | 
In a recent interview with the Telegraph, NASA chief scientist Jim Green said it’s possible we’ll soon find evidence of life on ...
how to prevent mice from entering your home x

Animals enhanced with human brain cells—and robust levels of consciousness—create new ethical dilemmas

Gizmodo | 
Neuroscientist Isaac Chen from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, along with his colleagues, has written ...
merlin eaec ed aadf f a e articlelarge

From hominids to animals: Who lived in Siberia’s famous Denisova Cave?

Gizmodo | 
For thousands of years, Siberia’s Denisova Cave was home to various bands of Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans. But as ...
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