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Regenerating tissues and limbs: What we can learn from the the amazing axolotl salamander’s genome

Saving the salamander that Nature called “biology’s beloved amphibian” takes on a special significance given the animal’s remarkable traits. Axolotls are neotenic, ...

‘Hugely influential’ papers on cardiac stem cells declared ‘fraudulent’ by Harvard

An internal investigation by Harvard Medical School has determined that 31 scientific publications from the laboratory of a high-profile cardiologist ...

Harnessing the body’s electrical system to help it heal

Scientists like Michael Levin of Tufts University have discovered that cellular charges control how and where a structure forms in ...
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Earth’s weirdest and most exotic creatures: Research bonanza for genetics and science

From the axolotl’s regenerating limbs to naked mole rat cancer resistance, new sequencing is uncovering new possibilities ...
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