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FDA releases free ‘Feed your mind’ curriculum to teach students about GMOs

[September 29], the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has posted additional “Feed Your Mind” consumer education materials.  Developed in ...

FDA launches high-school curriculum to teach students about GMOs, CRISPR

Food agriculture is a topic of great interest to farmers, consumers, scientists, educators, and many people of all ages. After ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Conspiracy theorist’ Zen Honeycutt spins tall tales about GMOs, glyphosate weed killer on CBS Los Angeles

Alex Berezow | 
If the media has a question about biomedical science, one would assume that a scientist or doctor would be the ...
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GMO scare 2.0? ‘Arduous’ regulation may increase public distrust of CRISPR-edited crops

Modern biotechnology (transgenesis and gene editing) helps achieve an increase in food production without the need for more land area for agriculture ...

Viewpoint: Scientific ignorance fuels skepticism of crop biotechnology

Alex Berezow | 
This one question is an effective test of scientific ignorance ...
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Video: Biotech could drive sustainable economic growth, but public support is crucial

Susan Watts | 
“We should all be doing less. We all need to chill.” It wasn’t an obvious rallying cry for delegates at ...
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