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If naps don’t work for you, it could be genetics

Allison Hirchlag | 
Naturally, I’ve always been a little jealous of the people who take naps and wake up feeling like a million ...
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Why is it so hard to think straight when you’re tired? Here’s what’s going on in your brain

Emily Willingham | 
Most of us could use more sleep. We feel it in our urge for an extra cup of coffee and ...
4-25-2019 the effects of sleep deprivation on your body x header

Why loss of sleep is ‘having a catastrophic impact on our health’

Emily Dreyfuss | 
According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, I'm doing serious damage to my health—and life—by not sleeping enough. "The decimation of sleep ...
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Sleepless nights could dampen body’s ability to repair DNA, avoid genetic diseases

Elizabeth Cheung | 
Sleep deprivation can damage DNA and the body’s ability to repair this, possibly leading to higher chances of genetic diseases ...
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Is it possible for tired people to ‘spread’ their misery to others?

Ed Cara | 
[A] new study out of the University of California, Berkeley suggests that poor sleep can be a nightmare for our social lives ...

Looking for a memory boost? Forget crossword puzzles and get more sleep

Ben Locwin | 
People try numerous methods to stave off the memory decline associated with old age, but how many of them actually ...
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Insomnia cures: Do drug remedies provide the kind of sleep that our brain needs?

Ben Locwin | 
People spend billions on sleep remedies. The act of sleep and artificially assisting sleep are not on the whole a ...
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Message to college students: How your all nighters affect your learning and memory

Nicholas Staropoli | 
The all-nighter is now as synonymous with a college student's life as the frat party, but it is detrimental to ...
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Epigenetic Zs: Could a bad night’s sleep alter your genes?

Ben Locwin | 
Sleep deprivation can not only ruin your day, it may change your DNA ...
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Is natural sleep the only kind that counts? Or can we make that artificial, too?

Ben Locwin | 
Around the world, people spend billions on sleep. Everyone is looking for a good night's rest. But, amidst all of ...
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