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Video: Why we should ignore most reported COVID-19 statistics

Wessam Atif | 
Every day we wake up and check COVID-19 updates. Governments usually announce 6 main numbers: 1) New cases 2) Total ...
mri brain scan

Is childhood trauma linked to depression? Why this paper may have overestimated the impact

Neuroskeptic | 
A paper in PNAS got some attention on Twitter recently. It’s called Childhood trauma history is linked to abnormal brain connectivity ...

Viewpoint: The problem with personalized medicine is that ‘statistics are being misinterpreted’

Stephen Senn | 
Personalized medicine aims to match individuals with the therapy that is best suited to them and their condition. Advocates proclaim ...
cell phon

Viewpoint: Here’s how activists manipulate cell phone cancer risk statistics to fool regulators

Geoffrey Kabat | 
Although some people argue that cell phone usage contributes to rising brain cancer rates, analysis of the data shows no ...
Screen Shot at AM

Anti-GMO activists take page out of anti-chemical and anti-BPA lobby, targeting the ‘black box’ of endocrine disruption

Andrew Porterfield | 
Anti-GMO activists are taking a page out of the anti-chemical lobby in claiming that genetic modification can disrupt normal endocrine ...
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