Improved DNA testing identifies 9/11 victim 17 years after attack

The remains of a man killed during the Sept. 11 terror attack in New York have been identified 17 years ...
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Facing extreme danger, are you ‘wired’ to fight or take flight?

"Fight or flight" reactions are much more complicated than we were taught in school. That fact has implications for reacting ...
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What role might genes play in ‘creating’ terrorists?

As more terrorism sweeps across the globe, scientists begin to look at a biological basis for organized violent behavior ...
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Can CRISPR make cheap, GM-based WMDs?

The U.S. Director of National Intelligence for the first time lists a genetics technique as a possible instrument of terrorism, ...

Anti-GMO Mexican activists target biotech researchers with bomb attacks

A new Mexican pro-GMO organization was the target of bombing attacks, suggesting an escalating level of aggression from GMO opponents ...
Kuwaiti citizens: Register your genes...or else

Kuwaiti citizens: Register your genes…or else

In the wake of a suicide bombing, Kuwait became the first country to order mandatory DNA testing of all citizens ...
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