‘More than human’: How neural implants, robotics and artificial intelligence are redefining who we are

Advances in human enhancement make cyborgs a future possibility ...

Inside the transhumanist quest for ‘super-longevity’

Transhumanism is a patchwork of beliefs about how technology will enhance the human condition, maybe radically so. There are Extropians ...
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Have humans reached the end of evolution? Not under these 3 scenarios

Is natural selection still a major force in human evolution? Or have vaccines, water purification, modern medical care and other ...
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Viewpoint: Why the transhumanist movement promises far more than it can deliver

Transhumanism is a movement that, based on advances in biology and artificial intelligence, champions the idea of transforming or going ...
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Transhumanism could push human evolution into hyperdrive. Should we embrace it?

Some people believe that we can enhance human life through embracing biotechnology and genetic engineering, but should we? ...

Transhumanism and inequality: Enhancing human life could bring dystopian consequences

Transhumanism may offer a pathway to an 'engineered paradise,' but there are many perils and pitfalls ahead -- particularly for ...
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Transhumanism and 2016 Presidential race

Trump? Clinton? Johnson? How about Zoltan Istvan, he's the Transhumanist Party 2016 presidential candidate ...
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