Viewpoint: Why the transhumanist movement promises far more than it can deliver

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Transhumanism is a movement that, based on advances in biology and artificial intelligence, champions the idea of transforming or going beyond the merely human to create a post-human or trans-human being with greater powers than today.

With an intelligent exoskeleton and microchip implants in their brain, these superhumans will become more effective, more creative and more empathetic. If their brain becomes diseased, it will be cured or at least effectively repaired. And the ultimate objective? To fuse humans with computers once they have stopped ageing. And dying. Illusion, fantasy, snake oil?

“One day it will be possible to live to the age of 300,” ran a headline in a weekly in 2016. “The death of death” was announced by Laurent Alexandre, a zealous apostle of the transhumanist school of thought. Let’s face it, all of this is pure fantasy. There has of course been real progress in biological and medical research, particularly in the field of ageing, but this is currently insufficient.

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While progress over the last 50 years has brought a far better understanding of the brain, it has had little therapeutic impact. All of the predictions trumpeted by the transhumanists are at the very least, false.

The point is not to reject out of hand all intra-cerebral implants, gene therapy, bionic prostheses or stem cell selection, but to remain vigilant about the proposed uses within our system.

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