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Australia’s stingless bees: Beekeepers’ best defense against deadly varroa mite?

Australia’s native stingless bees could be a key line of defense for the nation’s horticulture industry against the dangerous bee ...
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Winter honeybee losses cut in half since 2012 as beekeepers battle deadly varroa mite

It looks as though the period of alarmingly high winter mortality in honeybees is over. And a long-term study by ...

While managed honeybees get all the attention, some native pollinators ‘dwindle toward extinction’

Those honeybees you’ve been fretting over are getting native bumblebees sick. A new study shows that viruses infecting domestic honeybees ...

Video: How ‘turning down’ gene expression in pests can help protect crops and bees

In this video, CropLife International scientist Greg Heck discusses how researchers are using RNA interference (RNAi) to turn off or ...
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Mushrooms protect honey bee from disease-carrying Varroa mite, study shows

It’s not easy being a bee these days. Apis mellifera, the Western honey bee, is crucial to agriculture worldwide but faces ...
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