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Genetically engineered bacteria could inoculate honeybees against deadly varroa mites, deformed wing virus

Scientists from The University of Texas at Austin report in the journal Science that they have developed a new strategy ...
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The Varroa destructor mite is the greatest threat to US honeybees, and why things could get worse.

Researchers are looking at a long-term solution: develop bees that can fend off Varroa themselves ...

Even as managed honeybee colonies hit record numbers, another threat to their health is identified: Mystery viruses

The quest to figure out what's behind honeybee deaths has become as much a political question as a scientific one. Recent ...
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Tackling bees’ greatest threat: Lithium chloride could kill Varroa destructor mites without harming bees

A new study suggests that tiny doses of lithium chloride could be an easy and effective treatment for Varroa mites, ...
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Harmful, beneficial or no effect? Flawed European bees and neonicotinoids study could be misused to support ban

A widely-discussed 3-country study showed no clear impact of neonics on bees. Why did the authors appear to explain away ...
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Backlash to flawed ‘landmark’ European neonicotinoid study: Inconclusive data suggest both health benefits and harm

Upside down news: A backlash by independent scientists has begun to emerge, challenging sensational accounts of a 'landmark' European field ...
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Hawaii honey bee die-off points to likely culprits—Not pesticides, but varroa and viruses

Hawaii study may hold the key to the mystery of why honey bees are struggling ...
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