left handed

Why are left-handed people excluded from brain research?

About 10 percent of people prefer to use their left hand for everyday activities, like writing, a percentage that's remained ...

Congenital blindness appears to offer protection against schizophrenia. Researchers trying to figure out why.

No person who was born blind has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia. … This is especially surprising, since congenital blindness ...
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Replacing the ‘magic mushroom’: Engineered bacteria more efficient at producing hallucinogenic compound psilocybin

Psilocybin mushrooms, popularly known as magic mushrooms, are famous as psychedelic purveyors of trippy epiphanies and cathartic giggle fits. But ...
mass extinction great dying earth archives

Making the case for a sixth major mass extinction–the end-Guadalupian event

Life on Earth has diversified into countless forms over the course of billions of years, but it hasn’t always been ...
5-14-2019 aldabra white throated rail

How did this bird evolve into existence again after disappearing 136,000 years ago?

The Aldabra white-throated rail, a flightless bird that lives on its namesake atoll in the Indian Ocean, doesn’t look like ...
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