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left handed

Why are left-handed people excluded from brain research?

Vice | 
About 10 percent of people prefer to use their left hand for everyday activities, like writing, a percentage that's remained ...

Congenital blindness appears to offer protection against schizophrenia. Researchers trying to figure out why.

Vice | 
No person who was born blind has ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia. … This is especially surprising, since congenital blindness ...

Tracing the ancient roots of antibiotic resistance could help us today

Tonic | 
Most of our antibiotics have come from microbes that live in the soil. These organisms naturally make antibiotics for their ...

Obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs: What can we learn about ourselves?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Canine compulsive disorder, like the version that afflicts humans, can take over the animal's eating, sleeping and basic functions. In ...
Cultural Revolution

Do parents pass down trauma to their children?

Mosaic Science | 
When the children of Holocaust survivors came of age in the 1970s, psychologists realized that they felt the trauma of ...

Paleovirology explores evolutionary history of HIV in hopes of finding cure

The Malayan flying lemur is a small brown animal with buggy eyes...[A] group of Czech scientists discovered another trait of this mammal: ...