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Cooked food may have given humans evolutionary edge in intelligence

Wall Street Journal | 
The human brain is an exceptionally hungry organ—an energy-guzzling appliance if ever there was one. As you sit still and ...

People’s IQs are rising every year, but why?

Wall Street Journal | 
IQ tests are “normed”: Your score reflects how you did compared with other people, like being graded on a curve ...

Stress caused by poverty reduces mom’s ability to nurture—and may be passed on in genes

Wall Street Journal | 
From the inside, nothing in the world feels more powerful than our impulse to care for helpless children. But new ...
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Poverty can trump a winning hand of genes

Wall Street Journal | 
For rich kids, IQ is genetic. But for the poor, lucking out--managing to get educational opportunities--matters more than genetics ...
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The definition of ‘marriage’ evolves with culture

Wall Street Journal | 
Gay marriage exemplifies a profound part of human nature: our capacity for cultural evolution ...
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