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With Enlist, biotech firm Corteva aims to displace Roundup as top-selling herbicide as Bayer fights glyphosate litigation

Jacob Bunge | 
Before it was targeted by tens of thousands of plaintiffs in lawsuits, Roundup was the king of the field—the world’s ...

BRCA nightmare: Genetic testing analysis changes—after preventive surgery

Amy Marcus | 
When she was in her early 30s, Katy Mathes decided to check her cancer risk. A genetic test showed a ...
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Would price controls hamper research on gene therapy and other innovative treatments?

Scott Gottlieb | 
Over the next decade, it is a near certainty that we will have gene-therapy cures for deadly inherited disorders such ...

Viewpoint: Experimental gene therapy saved my sons’ eyesight

Kristin Papiro | 
Not long after we brought my newborn son, Anthony, home from the hospital, we noticed his eyes kept darting to ...
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US meat industry goes to ‘war’ against Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat

Heather Haddon, Jacob Bunge | 
On a rainy September morning, a pair of cattle ranchers browsed the refrigerated meat cases at a Walmart Inc. store ...

Staving off dementia through lifestyle changes, including exercise, weight loss

Anne Tergesen | 
When it comes to battling dementia, the unfortunate news is this: Medications have proven ineffective at curing or stopping the ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

Viewpoint: Beef industry campaign against calling plant-based burgers ‘meat’ assaults consumer choice

Jan Dutkiewicz | 
Ranchers and their political allies want to brand plant-based foods like the Impossible Burger as inferior imitations, but consumers shouldn’t ...
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Marketing stunt? Some restaurants sell Impossible, Beyond Burgers without telling customers they’re meat free

Heather Haddon, Sarah Needleman | 
How do you get die-hard meat eaters to try a plant-based burger? You trick them. The rise of meatless meat ...
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CRISPR pigs can survive deadly disease, but regulatory uncertainty slows development

Jacob Bunge | 
Cutting-edge gene-editing techniques such as Crispr-Cas9 will enable scientists to make precise genetic changes to pig physiology, they say, leading ...
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Viewpoint: Sen. Lisa Murkowski farm bill rider could keep GMO salmon off the market

Republicans claim to believe in free markets, at least until competition meets hometown interests. For a case study, witness Senator ...
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Podcast: A brief history of CRISPR gene-editing—and how it could change our food supply

Vegetables engineered with the gene-editing technology Crispr are moving closer to supermarket shelves. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has decided ...
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GMO crops and insects help stem overfishing, protect vulnerable marine ecosystems

Jon Emont | 
For the first time in history, humans are poised to harvest more fish and seafood from farms than they catch ...

Gender nonconforming Americans can now choose neither male nor female on their licenses in many states

Janet Adamy | 
A growing number of states and companies are allowing people to designate their gender as “X” instead of male or ...

Long-term antidepressant use linked to higher risk of heart attack, stroke and death

Andrea Petersen | 
More Americans are taking antidepressant medications like Prozac and Zoloft for extended periods of time: One-quarter of people on the ...
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FamilyTreeDNA shares customers’ genetic data with FBI. Founder calls it ‘the right decision’

Amy Marcus | 
Millions of consumers use genetic data to gain insight into family roots or learn about health risks. The boom has ...

Anger, aches and pains: Anxiety manifests differently in men

Andrea Peterson | 
Anxiety problems can look different in men. When people think of anxiety, they may picture the excessive worry and avoidance ...

This indoor farmer wants to turn rural Kentucky into America’s ‘high-tech agriculture capital’

Leigh Kamping-Carder | 
Jonathan Webb’s farm doesn’t look like much: tawny soil stretching to a line of trees, a trailer with a few ...

Food fight: Plant-based burgers stir debate over claims of nutritional advantages versus beef

Heather Haddon, Jacob Bune | 
Plant-based burger makers say their products are better for the planet than beef. Whether they are better for consumers’ health ...
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GMO mosquitoes could save millions from malaria but ‘progressive agroecologists’ mobilize against Gates-funded project

Richard Tren | 
A child under 5 dies from malaria about every two minutes world-wide. Yet radical environmentalists are mobilizing against an important ...

Viewpoint: Genetically modified plants could produce drugs of the future—if we do more to encourage ‘pharming’

Henry Miller, Kathleen Hefferon | 
Politicians talk a lot about farming but seldom about “pharming,” even though the latter can also have a big impact ...
CHESTNUT articleLarge

Blight-tolerant American chestnut tree: Latest biotech solution to nature’s assault on valued species

Hank Campbell | 
A blight-tolerant American chestnut tree is the latest example of what the science community has begun to call a GRO—a ...
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Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat can’t keep up with demand for plant-based burgers

Heather Haddon, Jacob Bunge | 
Fast-food restaurants are rushing to add meat-free burgers to their menus, hoping these higher-priced alternatives will help them capture additional ...

Following debut of biotech firm Corteva, farm sector ‘more consolidated than ever’

Jacob Bunge | 
Corteva Agriscience Inc.’s first day as a stand-alone company is a milestone in an agricultural deal making spree that has ...
Bayer Monsanto Merger

Wall Street Journal: Costly glyphosate-cancer legal battle one of ‘worst crises’ in Bayer’s 155-year history

Ruth Bender | 
Stuck in one of the worst crises in its 155-year history, Bayer AG, the German company that invented aspirin and ...
NR KaunzingerChristina e

Disease-resistant GMO chestnut trees could birth ‘new agroforestry industry’

Charles Mann | 
Many Americans know the sad tale of how the American chestnut tree was driven almost to extinction in the 20th ...
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Steep prices push lab-grown meat makers to pitch products as ‘humane luxuries’

Mischa Frankl-Duval | 
[M]akers of cultured meat, such as Memphis Meats, New Age Meats and Aleph Farms, face several barriers to bringing their ...
4-4-2019 ai for grading ivf embryos

Can artificial intelligence improve IVF success rates?

Emily Mullin | 
In theory, an AI application would be able to pick out the single best embryo to use for IVF to ...
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A jury decided glyphosate caused cancer. Is this society’s ‘search for a scapegoat’ for the deadly disease?

Arthur Lambert | 
A San Francisco jury decided last month that a plaintiff’s case of non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by Bayer’s Roundup weedkiller ...