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Disease-resistant GMO chestnut trees could birth ‘new agroforestry industry’

Charles Mann | 
Many Americans know the sad tale of how the American chestnut tree was driven almost to extinction in the 20th ...
grilled duck mephis meats

Steep prices push lab-grown meat makers to pitch products as ‘humane luxuries’

Mischa Frankl-Duval | 
[M]akers of cultured meat, such as Memphis Meats, New Age Meats and Aleph Farms, face several barriers to bringing their ...
4-4-2019 ai for grading ivf embryos

Can artificial intelligence improve IVF success rates?

Emily Mullin | 
In theory, an AI application would be able to pick out the single best embryo to use for IVF to ...
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A jury decided glyphosate caused cancer. Is this society’s ‘search for a scapegoat’ for the deadly disease?

Arthur Lambert | 
A San Francisco jury decided last month that a plaintiff’s case of non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by Bayer’s Roundup weedkiller ...
3-28-2019 ptsdcoach

Podcast: How AI is boosting treatment of PTSD

Jennifer Strong | 
Only about 10% of the individuals with mental health issues in the US are getting any sort of treatment that ...
Screen Shot at AM

Viewpoint: Bayer ‘open for looting’ as company battles 11,000 glyphosate-cancer lawsuits

The vagaries of American tort law were on display in San six jurors decided that Bayer AG is liable ...

Many farmers endorse glyphosate as safe weed killer while Bayer battles Roundup-cancer lawsuits

Jacob Bunge | 
Farmers are standing by Bayer AG’s Roundup herbicide despite rulings from two juries that the world’s most widely used weedkiller caused ...

Viewpoint: USDA’s bioengineered food rules will confuse consumers and could cost $200 million per year

Henry Miller, Drew Kershen | 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created what may be the most bewildering, least cost-effective regulation ever. In July 2016, ...
trade war

China’s approval of 5 GMO crop imports could fuel investment boom in biotech research

James Collins | 
Lost in the news of contentious U.S.-China trade disputes was a meaningful regulatory approval that will improve agriculture around the ...
1-19-2019 businessman window silhouette

Viewpoint: Psychology association’s new guidelines ‘demonize’ masculinity, ignore biology

Erica Komisar | 
In my practice as a psychotherapist , I’ve seen an increase of depression in young men who feel emasculated in ...

China’s decision to import next generation US-grown GMO herbicide-resistant crops will help American farmers struggling to fight hardy weeds

Jacob Bunge | 
China’s approval of new genetically engineered crops will open a new front in U.S. farmers’ long-running war against hard-to-kill weeds ...
pd moore dna

Gene-edited animals could improve agricultural productivity. But could there be unintended consequences?

Preetika Rana, Lucy Craymer | 
The purported birth [in November] of the world’s first gene-edited human babies .... spurred a wave of global outrage .... [T]he ...

Announcing appeal of reaffirmed Roundup-cancer verdict, Bayer develops defense strategy of Monsanto’s flagship product

Jacob Bunge, Ruth Bender, Sara Randazzo | 
Bayer AG’s $63 billion acquisition of Monsanto .... made the German drug and chemicals company the world’s biggest supplier of crop seeds and ...
lung on a chip illuminated by natural light

‘Body on a chip’ could revolutionize drug research, replace animal testing

Mark Ellwood | 
Bringing a new drug to market takes roughly a decade and requires expensive and arduous testing on humans and animals. But a ...

What’s the difference between choosing healthy embryos and picking a baby’s eye color?

Amy Marcus | 
Blair and James are trying to start a family. Like many parents, they hope their future offspring will be healthy ...
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Family DNA disease connection: How my breast cancer diagnosis saved my father from pancreatic cancer

Pamela Munster | 
In April 2012, as I prepared to undergo a double mastectomy, it was [my grandma] Gertrud’s face that flashed before ...

Can we afford gene therapy’s million-dollar price tags?

Sumathi Reddy | 
[4-year-old] Caspian was born with a rare, inherited eye disorder called Leber congenital amaurosis, which results in the progressive deterioration ...
Woman receives mammogram t x

Breast cancer is not ‘one size fits all’: Obesity, alcohol use, inactivity exacerbate risk

Laura Landro | 
A regular mammogram isn’t enough to battle breast cancer anymore. Researchers have found that a third of breast cancer cases ...
Gene Editing streched

Video: Meet the gene-edited cows that could revolutionize beef production

Jason Bellini | 
On July 14, 2018 Genzelle, an Angus calf genetically engineered to withstand Brazil's high summer temperatures, was born. Cows like ...

Are you an expert or novice? Brain scans can tell the difference

Daniela Hernandez | 
To gain new insight into how highly specialized workers learn skills or react to stressful situations, researchers are leveraging advanced ...

North American trade deal includes ‘science-based’ gene editing regulations

Jacob Bunge | 
Farmers and agribusinesses welcomed the agreement on a new North American trade pact, easing fears that the Trump administration’s tough ...
monsanto roundup

Bayer asks judge to toss ‘flimsy’ $289 million glyphosate-cancer verdict

Jacob Bunge, Ruth Bender | 
Bayer on [September 18th] said it wants a California state court judge to overturn the jury’s verdict, order a new ...

Seeking a new path for FDA regulation of revolutionary medical treatments

Kate Bachelder Odell | 
Researchers are developing therapies that could permanently alter a patient’s genes... . The early results are promising. Patients would live ...
non gmo whole foods sign

Viewpoint: FDA gives organic food marketers a pass on deceptive labeling—at consumer expense

Henry Miller | 
[W]hen it comes to the $47-billion-a-year organic industry, the FDA gives a complete pass to blatantly false and deceptive advertising ...
german gmo protest

Déjà vu all over again: Germany’s ‘regulatory stranglehold’ on New Breeding Techniques mirrors its policy on GMOs 20 years ago

Henry Miller | 
Biotechnology applied to agriculture is beginning to yield all manner of products, including fruits and vegetables that are disease-resistant, more ...
Viewpoint: The 4 Ps threaten bee health—parasites, poor nutrition, pathogens and pesticides

Viewpoint: The 4 Ps threaten bee health—parasites, poor nutrition, pathogens and pesticides

Thor Hanson | 
Experts believe that multiple factors must be at play in the bees’ plight. The main suspects are referred to as ...

Parents of acutely ill newborns find answers through DNA sequencing

Dana Linden | 
Hope for [children with rare genetic diseases] and their families may be coming in the form of DNA sequencing, or ...
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Video: Can CRISPR gene editing help solve world’s food and farming challenges?

A research team at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is developing higher-yielding tomato plants with a gene-editing tool called Crispr-Cas9. Are ...