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FDA won’t approve a coronavirus vaccine unless there is ‘clearly demonstrated proof’ it’s effective

Thomas Burton | 
[A coronavirus vaccine must] be at least 50% more effective than a placebo in preventing the disease [to be FDA ...
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Sports leagues set to resume without knowing COVID-19’s erratic path, randomness and chronic effects

Ben Cohen, Louise Radnofsky | 
Professional athletes don’t have the luxury of waiting for the outcomes of longitudinal studies of coronavirus patients. Sports are trying ...
precision x

Population health vs personalized medicine? Coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of multiple approaches

Amy Dockser Marcus | 
“If we are to advance health care in the United States, where is the dollar best spent? Is it spent ...
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COVID-19 vaccine development efforts focusing on protecting the elderly

Jared Hopkins | 
Older adults are especially susceptible to infection by the virus, and at higher risk of falling critically ill and dying, ...

COVID-19 ‘hot spots’ popping up across Africa. They might smolder for years to come

Joe Parkinson, Nicholas Bariyo | 
Across Africa, government numbers show coronavirus infections have been significantly lower than in other parts of the world. But from ...

Regeneron’s COVID-19 antibody ‘cocktail’ therapy enters clinical trials—could be ready for emergency use in the fall

Jonathan Rockoff | 
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. said [June 11 that] it is beginning to test in humans a potential coronavirus drug, the latest ...
social distancing

Illegal to eat ice cream on a cone? Bring your own cutlery to barbecues; No more locally-sourced olive oil in bottles, just plastic pouches: Europe’s ‘baffling’ COVID-19 regulations

Margherita Stancati, Valentina Pop | 
Europe is lifting its lockdowns, but the new rules to battle the coronavirus are baffling Europeans as the continent goes ...

3 experimental COVID-19 vaccines set for critical testing phase this summer

Peter Loftus | 
The federal government plans to fund and conduct the decisive studies of three experimental coronavirus vaccines starting this summer, according ...
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Some COVID-19 survivors may never regain taste or smell, doctors say

Preetika Rana | 
Clinicians racing to understand the novel disease are starting to discern an unusual trend: one common symptom—the loss of smell ...
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Nestlé ‘Incredible’ plant-based burger violates Impossible Foods’ patent, EU court rules

Saabira Chaudhuri | 
Nestlé SA must stop branding its plant-based burger “Incredible” after a European court ruled the language infringed on Impossible Foods ...

Infographic: Racing to create affordable at-home test for COVID-19

To stretch beyond the lab, test developers are racing to produce next-stage technologies that could allow for rapid widespread testing ...

Viewpoint: Only a tiny percentage of children face threat of severe coronavirus complications. That risk isn’t high enough to justify lockdowns

Horrific stories are emerging of children developing rashes, cardiac abnormalities and other inflammatory symptoms that are linked to the novel ...
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First, we need a coronavirus vaccine. Then we need to figure out who gets it first

Peter Loftus | 
Several drugmakers that have been building up their capabilities to make coronavirus vaccines, have pledged to deliver millions of doses ...
screenshot china s leaders call for more censorship on coronavirus

Banning Aaron Ginn: Social media sites censoring coronavirus critics who claim lockdown strategy lacks a ‘scientific basis’

Allysia Finley | 
Does a pandemic demand the strong medicine of censorship? Social-media companies seem to think so. They’re taking steps to control ...
screenshot how blood plasma companies target the poorest americans

‘Fragments of dead virus’ preventing recovered coronavirus patients from donating plasma

Amy Dockser Marcus | 
Close to four weeks after recovering from a Covid-19 infection, Jennie Novakovic went to her local hospital hoping to donate ...
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Solving coronavirus medical supply and equipment shortages with cryptocurrency technology

Sara Castellanos | 
Blockchain technology projects are being developed by companies such as International Business Machines Corp. and Ernst & Young LLC to ...
screenshot why the new coronavirus mostly spares children

‘Increasingly confident’: Children less vulnerable to coronavirus, numerous studies say

Jason Douglas | 
Doctors are increasingly confident that children are less affected by the new coronavirus than adults, a finding that could aid ...

Secretive coalition of scientists, billionaires pushing Manhattan Project-inspired coronavirus solution

Rob Copeland | 
A dozen of America’s top scientists and a collection of billionaires and industry titans say they have the answer to ...
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Not just the lungs: Coronavirus also wreaks havoc on the brain

Daniela Hernandez | 
As the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide reaches 2 million, clinicians are realizing the disease doesn’t just ravage the ...
coronavirus drugs

Infographic: From vaccines to drugs, chasing ‘silver bullets’ targeting the fast-moving coronavirus

For drug companies, there is suddenly only one priority: the coronavirus. More than 140 experimental drug treatments and vaccines for ...
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‘Next wave’ of coronavirus tests should reveal scope of the pandemic

Brianna Abbott, Denise Roland | 
Health departments, hospitals and companies around the world are rolling out the next wave in coronavirus tests, which look in ...
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Skin patch with 400 needles: Another potential coronavirus vaccine ready for human testing

Salena Zito | 
Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine at a University of Pittsburgh lab. The deadly disease that crippled infants disappeared almost ...
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First wave over? Several European nations set to relax coronavirus lockdowns

Europe is getting ready to reopen, slowly. Italy, Austria and Denmark are among the first countries to plot the gradual ...
screenshot d printer companies build face shields masks more to fight coronavirus

Tackling coronavirus medical supply shortages with 3-D printers

Asa Fitch, Daniel Michaels | 
Multinational companies and startups world-wide are reprogramming their cutting-edge 3-D printers to tackle shortages of critical medical equipment caused by ...
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Coronavirus test uncertainty: False negatives could be as high as 30 percent

Christopher Weaver | 
Health experts say they now believe nearly one in three patients who are infected are nevertheless getting a negative test ...
screenshot will ‘herd immunity’ work against coronavirus

Can herd immunity—and coronavirus-immunity registries—help us restart the economy?

Bill Cassidy, Christopher Mores | 
Coronavirus spreads rapidly. One person typically infects two or three other people, who then infect two or three others and ...

Viewpoint: Coronavirus testing, treatment key to ending national lockdowns

Scott Gottlieb | 
First, the bad news: America’s coronavirus epidemic is only beginning, and the suffering will become more searing over the next ...
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Bayer, 6 plaintiffs firms agree on draft settlement terms in Roundup-cancer litigation, but thousands of cases could still go to trial

Jacob Bunge, Laura Kusisto | 
Bayer has agreed on draft settlement terms with half a dozen law firms representing tens of thousands of plaintiffs alleging ...