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How long will protective antibodies generated by a vaccine likely work?

Wall Street Journal | 
Only a handful of vaccines generate lifetime immunity for most people, such as the ones for measles, a viral infection ...
Patient asymptomatic in first documented COVID reinfection

Patient asymptomatic in first documented COVID reinfection

Wall Street Journal | 
In a paper accepted on [August 24] by the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal, scientists from the University of Hong Kong ...
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Not just the lungs: Coronavirus also wreaks havoc on the brain

Wall Street Journal | 
As the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases worldwide reaches 2 million, clinicians are realizing the disease doesn’t just ravage the ...

Are you an expert or novice? Brain scans can tell the difference

Wall Street Journal | 
To gain new insight into how highly specialized workers learn skills or react to stressful situations, researchers are leveraging advanced ...

New gene-edited tomatoes stay firm longer, extending shelf life

Wall Street Journal | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In an attempt to ...

A Facebook for sharing your genetic information?

Fusion | 
Three years ago, biologist Bastian Greshake spit in a vial and sent it off to personal genomics company 23andMe for ...

IBM chip mimics brain, marks advancement in artificial intelligence

Wired | 
The human brain is the world's most sophisticated computer capable of learning new things on the fly, using very little ...

Cloud-based genomics: Will the Internet create GM super-oranges?

Wired | 
Farmers are hacking their operations with robots, sensors, drones, and good-old circuit boards, but that’s merely a first step. Thanks ...

Gene patents are sabotaging the future of medicine

Wired | 
The following is an excerpt. The business of DNA is undergoing a revolution. We can already get our genes scanned for ...

The era of genetics-based advertising is coming

Wired (UK) | 
The following is an excerpt. If you thought personalised advertising based on your Facebook status updates, Gmail content or online ...
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Get ready for a genetics-based marketplace

Wired | 
A new platform will help consumers control what offers they get from retailers based on their genetic makeup ...

DNA number-crunchers use homegrown software

Wired | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Today, multiple startups — including DNAnexus and Spiral Genetics — are taking the genomics ...

Craig Venter’s vision to print life, generate vaccines

Wired | 
Craig Venter imagines a future where you can download software, print a vaccine and inject it at home, contagion averted ...