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Terminally ill cancer patients donating their bodies for research on how tumors spread

Rachael Pells | 
It sounds macabre, but it’s important research. [Andrew] Rowan is one of a team of experts working on a new ...
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3D-printed plastic bunny contains its own blueprint coded in synthetic DNA

Megan Molteni | 
The kumquat-sized bunny, cute as it may be, isn’t a toy or a good luck charm. But if you cut ...

How well-intentioned research into ‘gay genes’ spawned controversial DNA screening app

Megan Molteni | 
A giant collection of carefully cataloged genomes, called the UK Biobank, was about to become available to researchers. … To [researcher ...
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Artificial Intelligence lab OpenAI wants to develop technology ‘to save the world’. Will it also assist the US military?

Tom Simonite | 
Microsoft’s recent victory in landing a $10 billion Pentagon cloud-computing contract called JEDI could make life more complicated for one of the ...
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Extraterrestrial babies? Scientists want to know how microgravity would affect human reproduction

Daniel Oberhaus | 
The plane’s rapid descent created a microgravity environment in the cockpit and for a few seconds, [pilot Daniel] González felt ...

We need pollinators to grow food in space, but bees may not survive harsh extraterrestrial environment, study shows

Daniel Oberhaus | 
One of the world’s newest space analogs is inside a white ziggurat on top of a former nuclear bunker in ...
Gene Editing streched

Controversy over gene-edited cow’s ‘surprise DNA’ could slow efforts to promote animal welfare

Christie Klok | 
On the morning of August 7, Alison Van Eenennaam awoke to a tweet from a man she had never met ...

Brain scans, like DNA, can say a lot about who you are. That creates ethical, privacy concerns.

Evan Morris | 
Many people are aware—and properly protective—of the vast stores of information contained in their DNA. When DNA samples were collected ...
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This ‘psychedelic’ treatment can cure opioid addition. It also might kill you

Clayton Dalton | 
With proper treatment, withdrawing from opioids won’t kill you, but it can make you want to die. … The desperation ...
processed foods

Viewpoint: Processed food does not necessarily mean it’s unhealthy—the science behind an essential but misunderstood technology

Matt Simon | 
You are you and I am me because of processed foods, because our ancestors learned how to cook meat and make bread and, perhaps ...

Using synthetic biology to design new kinds of life—and novel drugs to treat diseases

Roger Highfield | 
All living things on Earth are built from proteins created from the same 20 chemical units, called amino acids. Now, ...
Dairy cow in Normandy

Brazil plan to breed gene-edited dairy cattle on hold after bacterial DNA found in animal’s genome

Megan Molteni | 
Up until a few months ago, Brazil was all set to create the country’s first herd of genetically dehorned dairy ...

‘Humanity’s exploitation’ of land hastens climate change, United Nations’ IPCC says

Matt Simon | 
[August 8] brings yet another devastating report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this time outlining how humanity’s ...

Calling for a halt to gene-edited babies, World Health Organization stops short of ‘all-out moratorium’

Megan Molteni | 
The world’s largest public health authority has weighed in with the most authoritative statement yet on the use of Crispr ...
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Is ‘Big Ag’ getting into the cannabis business?

Hannah Wallace | 
When Mowgli Holmes and his childhood friend Nishan Karassik founded Phylos Bioscience in 2014 they had one major goal: to ...

How man’s best friend is helping us battle cancer

Michele Marill | 
[T]he Moonshot initiative is promoting new ways to study cancer, particularly in the promising area of immunotherapy. And it specifically ...
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Lone Star tick is notorious for making people allergic to red meat. It may also carry deadly Bourbon virus.

Megan Molteni | 
Scientists know almost nothing about how Bourbon virus behaves or how it got here or where it will show up ...

UB-311: Could this vaccine protect against Alzheimer’s?

Stephen Armstrong | 
Most vaccines prepare our body’s immune system to fight off so-called exogenous disease, such as measles or flu, caused by ...
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How the rush to decriminalize magic mushrooms could hurt psychedelic drug research

Matt Simon | 
Welcome to a murky new front in the war to bring psychedelics out of the shadows and into both legal ...
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Congress considers allowing gene patents to keep pace with Chinese innovations

Megan Molteni | 
In 2013, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down patents on two human genes—BRCA1 and BRCA2—associated with breast and ovarian cancers ...
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Boutique startups give fertility treatments a ‘luxury’ makeover

Megan Molteni | 
[There’s a] growing world of boutique egg-freezing operations Instagrammable enough for their majority-millennial clientele. Take Trellis, a “women’s fertility studio,” ...
robotic nose

Building a better nose: Can a robot sniff as well as a dog?

Sara Harrison | 
Olfaction remains a stubborn biological enigma. Scientists are still piecing together the basics of how we sense all those volatile ...
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How a genetically modified virus saved this teenager’s life

Megan Molteni | 
In October 2017, Graham Hatfull received an urgent email from across the pond. A microbiologist colleague ... was desperately looking ...
4-18-2019 university graduates pa

Can genetics help explain why some people make more money than others?

Megan Molteni | 
The UK Biobank is the single largest public genetic repository in the world... . But when David Hill, a statistical ...

How evolutionary pressure could be harnessed in cancer treatments

Roxanne Khamsi | 
Cancer cells develop resistance to the powerful chemicals deployed to destroy them. Even if cancer therapies kill most of the ...
3-31-2019 gravidez ultrassom principal

Is there such a thing as too much prenatal genetic information?

Megan Molteni | 
[P]renatal whole-genome sequencing is [not] commercially available yet (though it’s definitely coming). But what is available is something called noninvasive ...
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Why we should worry about a resurrection of the deadly smallpox virus

David Kushner | 
The scientist who entered [Room 3C16] saw 12 mysterious cardboard boxes on a crowded shelf in the far left corner ...
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Is society ready for the changes CRISPR can bring?

Jennifer Kahn | 
Crispr works in almost every animal that scientists have tried, from silkworms to monkeys, and in just about every cell ...