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5 ways CRISPR has begun changing the world

5 ways CRISPR has begun changing the world

Megan Molteni | 
[W]hile thousands of life scientists pivoted to trying to understand how the novel coronavirus wreaks havoc on the human body, and others transformed their ...
Reopening cold cases: The new tools revolutionizing DNA crime detection

Reopening cold cases: The new tools revolutionizing DNA crime detection

Nick Thompson | 
Puzzle solvers by nature, genealogists tie the loose ends of a person’s familial tapestry for answers… It’s an emerging practice ...
‘Circular economy’: Turning waste into reusable products makes food and energy production more sustainable

‘Circular economy’: Turning waste into reusable products makes food and energy production more sustainable

Nicole Kobie | 
We need to find a way to reduce waste, and the answer could be moving to a circular economy, which ...
brain computer interface vein

FDA mulling approval of a device that monitors brains using electrodes threaded through veins and plugged into a computer

Adam Rogers | 
For decades, technologists have been trying to get brains to interface with computer keyboards or robot arms, to get meat ...
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Viewpoint: Great Barrington Declaration on herd immunity falsely suggests a scientific divide over if we can achieve it and how

Matt Reynolds | 
[The Great Barrington Declaration] suggests that scientists fall into two camps: those who are pro-lockdown and those who think we ...
dna heritage test x

How accurate are the ‘ethnicity estimates’ claimed by DNA genealogy companies?

Caitlin Harrington | 
Since 2012, more than 18 million people have mailed their spit-filled vials to [Ancestry DNA], which analyzes the genetic material ...
proxy duckduckgo com

Meat alternatives are ‘mass-produced, processed imitations’—but could they save the planet?

Gabriel Rosenberg, Jan Dutkiewicz | 
Meat alternatives are mass-produced, processed imitations: “fake” foods. To borrow one of Michael Pollan’s rules for eating wisely, your “great-great-great ...

DNA testing reveals buried family secrets

Caitlin Harrington | 
[T]echnology has a way of creating new consequences for old decisions. Today, some 30 million people have taken consumer DNA ...
bill gates warned us of a covid

Bill Gates: ‘The majority of all US COVID-19 tests are completely garbage’

Bill Gates, Steven Levy | 
An early Cassandra who warned of our lack of preparedness for a global pandemic, [Bill Gates] became one of the most credible ...
pfas mcdonalds big mac packaging fast food august x c default

Do fast food takeout wrappers and containers harbor harmful chemicals?

Michele Marill | 
The containers that hold your takeout dinner may harbor an invisible threat: fluorinated compounds that persist in our bodies long ...
brain featured

Yes, male and female brains are structured differently

Grace Huckins | 
[July 20, Armin Raznahan] and his team published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that not only reported reliable sex ...
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With a boost from COVID-19, the ‘Neobiological Revolution’ is transforming humanity

Jane Metcalfe | 
In the 1990s, the digital revolution came along and transformed, well, pretty much everything, from the way we communicate with ...

The human protein that might explain who’s most at risk from Covid-19

Megan Molteni | 
The earliest clinical data out of China showed that some [COVID-19 patients] consistently fared worse than others, notably men, the ...
facial recognition

Race science? Can AI ‘predict’ criminality through facial analysis?

Sidney Fussell | 
With “80 percent accuracy and with no racial bias,” the paper, A Deep Neural Network Model to Predict Criminality Using ...
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On the front lines fighting the coronavirus: I took a COVID-19 contact tracing course

Megan Molteni | 
In the Before Times, there were only about 2,200 contact tracers for the whole US, according to the Association of ...
As rising oceans encroach on arable land, gene editing, floating farms may help feed the world

As rising oceans encroach on arable land, gene editing, floating farms may help feed the world

Christina Couch | 
A soil biologist and co-director of the University of Sheffield’s Institute for Sustainable Food, [Duncan] Cameron had long known that ...
intervision ct pneumonia covid ai china

Viewpoint: AI gets ‘B-minus at best’ for dealing with COVID-19. But better days are ahead

Kai-Fu Lee | 
Truth be told, AI has not had a particularly successful four months in the battle of the pandemic. I would ...
in silico clinical trials scaled

Supercomputers take first steps toward replacing human clinical drug trials

Ray Kurzweil | 
We are seeing the beginnings of a profound paradigm shift in health technology. AI simulations have the potential to test ...
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Viewpoint: Sweden’s unique approach to COVID-19 containment has failed

Amit Katwala | 
There was a familiar refrain from political commentators on certain corners of the internet in the early days of the ...
brain topper

The human brain may not be such a great model for designing artificial intelligence

Kelly Clancy | 
[M]ost artificial neural networks are decidedly un-brainlike, in part because they learn using mathematical tricks that would be difficult, if ...

Accidental side effect: COVID-19 pandemic could give polio ‘a fresh start’

Maryn McKenna | 
The world’s total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases is closing in on 5 million. But an accidental side effect of ...
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‘That’s not easy’: Figuring out who gets first shot at a coronavirus vaccine

Adam Rogers | 
Even if scientists do develop a safe, broadly effective vaccine, nobody knows how to give it to billions of people ...
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How coronavirus wreaks havoc on the body, organ by organ

Will Bedingfield | 
Covid-19 has confounded the expectations of doctors. Patients suffer from a bewildering variety of complications. They urinate blood, complain of ...

‘Skin hunger’: That burning desire for human contact supercharged by the coronavirus pandemic

Sirin Kale | 
Once a week, Alice, who lives alone, walks to the end of her garden to meet her best friend Lucy ...
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‘Microbe maps’: Swabbing subways, ATMs and park benches to find coronavirus hot spots

Megan Molteni | 
Nearly a decade ago, after watching his young daughter lick a pole in a subway car, computational biologist Christopher Mason ...
unnamed file

Lessons learned from the past: Why rushing a coronavirus vaccine could be dangerous

Maryn McKenna | 
Annual flu shots don’t need to go through clinical trials every time they are adjusted for each year’s flu strain, ...
science doryteuthis pealeii credit roger hanlon marine biological laboratory

Squids’ ability to edit their own RNA could lead to human disease treatments

Eric Niiler | 
For nearly every animal on Earth, any changes made to the DNA are transmitted from the cell nucleus by messenger ...

How GMO, gene-edited crops can help feed billions of people without fueling climate change

Emma Marris | 
We face a formidable challenge in the years ahead. We need to reduce [carbon] emissions and also sustain a growing ...
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