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Lone Star tick is notorious for making people allergic to red meat. It may also carry deadly Bourbon virus.

Megan Molteni | 
Scientists know almost nothing about how Bourbon virus behaves or how it got here or where it will show up ...

UB-311: Could this vaccine protect against Alzheimer’s?

Stephen Armstrong | 
Most vaccines prepare our body’s immune system to fight off so-called exogenous disease, such as measles or flu, caused by ...
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How the rush to decriminalize magic mushrooms could hurt psychedelic drug research

Matt Simon | 
Welcome to a murky new front in the war to bring psychedelics out of the shadows and into both legal ...
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Congress considers allowing gene patents to keep pace with Chinese innovations

Megan Molteni | 
In 2013, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down patents on two human genes—BRCA1 and BRCA2—associated with breast and ovarian cancers ...
waiting room influencer wall

Boutique startups give fertility treatments a ‘luxury’ makeover

Megan Molteni | 
[There’s a] growing world of boutique egg-freezing operations Instagrammable enough for their majority-millennial clientele. Take Trellis, a “women’s fertility studio,” ...
robotic nose

Building a better nose: Can a robot sniff as well as a dog?

Sara Harrison | 
Olfaction remains a stubborn biological enigma. Scientists are still piecing together the basics of how we sense all those volatile ...
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How a genetically modified virus saved this teenager’s life

Megan Molteni | 
In October 2017, Graham Hatfull received an urgent email from across the pond. A microbiologist colleague ... was desperately looking ...
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Can genetics help explain why some people make more money than others?

Megan Molteni | 
The UK Biobank is the single largest public genetic repository in the world... . But when David Hill, a statistical ...

How evolutionary pressure could be harnessed in cancer treatments

Roxanne Khamsi | 
Cancer cells develop resistance to the powerful chemicals deployed to destroy them. Even if cancer therapies kill most of the ...
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Is there such a thing as too much prenatal genetic information?

Megan Molteni | 
[P]renatal whole-genome sequencing is [not] commercially available yet (though it’s definitely coming). But what is available is something called noninvasive ...
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Why we should worry about a resurrection of the deadly smallpox virus

David Kushner | 
The scientist who entered [Room 3C16] saw 12 mysterious cardboard boxes on a crowded shelf in the far left corner ...
3-20-2019 crispr b

Is society ready for the changes CRISPR can bring?

Jennifer Kahn | 
Crispr works in almost every animal that scientists have tried, from silkworms to monkeys, and in just about every cell ...
3-18-2019 n x

When birth control fails: Genetic mutation can make the pill less effective

Megan Molteni | 
For nearly 60 years, hormonal contraceptives have freed women from their own biology. ... But no form of hormonal birth control—pill, patch, ...
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When targeting diseases, how worried should we be about CRISPR’s potential for gene-editing errors?

Megan Molteni | 
Of all the big, world-remaking bets on the genome-editing tool known as Crispr, perhaps none is more tantalizing than its ...
3-5-2019 crispr composite

CRISPR’s lengthy patent legal battle could finally end—in a tie

Nessa Carey | 
Like a couple of heavyweight boxers who just keep slugging it out, the University of California Berkeley (UCB) and the ...
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Polio almost eradicated. Here’s why we can’t simply ‘declare victory’

Sarah Scoles | 
So far this year, there have been six known cases of polio infection, in Afghanistan and Pakistan—two of the three countries left ...
1-29-2019 newborn baby birth story top

First clinical trials for controversial ‘3-parent’ fertility treatment begin

Megan Molteni | 
[A] 32-year-old Greek woman, who’d previously undergone two operations for endometriosis and four unsuccessful cycles of IVF, once again returned ...
1-27-2019 crispr

CRISPR explained: Everything you need to know

Matt Reynolds | 
Here’s everything you need to know about the complex and sometimes controversial technology driving the gene-editing revolution. CRISPR evolved as ...
1-16-2019 ucsd jacobsschool chen spinal cord implant mp

3D bioprinting custom-fit spinal cord implants

Eric Niiler | 
The latest step toward 3D-printed replacements of failed human parts comes from a team at UC San Diego. It has ...

Why genealogy tests will ‘send a lot more people to jail’ in 2019

Megan Molteni | 
In April [2018], a citizen scientist named Barbara Rae-Venter used a little-known genealogy website called GEDMatch to help investigators find a man ...
facing aging in a youth centered society x

Should we treat aging as a disease rather than something that’s inevitable?

David Sinclair, Nir Barzilai | 
In June 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases. It contained an ...
'Human gene-editing scandal': Should rogue scientist's work be published?

‘Human gene-editing scandal’: Should rogue scientist’s work be published?

Megan Molteni | 
How do you handle the data of a scientist who violates all the norms of his field? … On the one hand, you ...

Genome surgeons target genetic disease at the source

Megan Molteni | 
[Delaney Van Riper] was born with a rare genetic disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, or CMT, which is slowly eroding her nerve cells’ ...

Diagnosing rare infectious diseases with genetic sequencing

Megan Molteni | 
Early last spring, as flu season hit its peak, a woman checked into a Houston hospital with all the familiar ...
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DNA testing boom drives demand for genetic counselors

Megan Molteni | 
[W]ith precision medicine going mainstream and an explosion of apps piping genetic insights to your phone from just a few teaspoons of spit, ...

Designed for distraction: Why our brains find it difficult to focus

Daphne Leprince-Ringuet | 
Laser focus leads to success, or so they say. Except it actually doesn’t. Researchers have found that rather than being ...

What’s the line between life and brain death? Artificial intelligence offers hope of digital simulation

Philip Jaekl | 
Since the invention of bypass machines in the 1950s, which can artificially maintain circulation and respiration, death has come to ...
Astronaut working on Mars

Genetically modified astronauts? Why humans may need to be redesigned for deep-space missions

Jason Pontin | 
NASA is now preparing for a human mission to Mars, but if our descendants ever shrug off their terrestrial bonds, ...