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banana extinction

World’s most popular banana faces extinction. Can gene editing save it?

Matt Reynolds | 
Suring the summer of 1989, Randy Ploetz was in his laboratory just south of Miami, when he received a package ...

Birds evolved pattern recognition to spot cuckoo’s planted eggs

Kadhim Shubber | 
New pattern recognition software has shed light on the evolutionary arms race between cuckoos and the birds they target. Cuckoos ...

‘Highly programmable’ DNA cubes could be used for drug delivery

Kadhim Shubber | 
3D cages made from strands of DNA could be used as a nanotechnology solution for drug delivery. Cubes of DNA, ...

For IVF, biopsied and frozen sperm is as effective as fresh

Olivia Solon | 
Some men with very severe infertility (with either very little or no sperm in their semen due to testicular failure, ...

Burning Man laser show will project human genome into atmosphere

Liat Clark | 
Would you like your genome shone 30-40 kilometres into the atmosphere from the middle of the desert with a giant ...

Ellen Jorgensen is dragging genetic engineering away from the scare stories

Spencer Reiss | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Biohackers are rare -- costs have kept genetic engineering in the realm of big pharma ...

The era of genetics-based advertising is coming

Daniela Hernandez | 
The following is an excerpt. If you thought personalised advertising based on your Facebook status updates, Gmail content or online ...

Length of DNA strand could indicate life span

Liat Clark | 
The following is an excerpt. According to a team of geneticists, the longer a person's telomeres (the protective ends of chromosomes) ...

Genetically modified tobacco produces cheap, effective rabies treatment

Liat Clark | 
The following is an excerpt. According to the World Health Organisation more than 55,000 people die after contracting rabies every ...
fb d b b

Should Lance Armstrong be celebrated as a pioneer in human enhancement?

Andy Miah | 
Technology and medicine are helping humans to go above-and-beyond our evolutionary limitations. As self-enhancement becomes more socially acceptable, allowing doping ...

Cells from human urine used to make stem cells

Liat Clark | 
Biologists in China have published a study detailing how they transformed common cells found in human urine into neural stem ...

Drag-and-drop DNA builds cancer-combating drug

Duncan Geere | 
A drug has been developed to combat a lethal brain cancer using a drag-and-drop DNA-self assembly technique. A team from Parabon Nanolabs ...
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