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Bee crisis? How intelligent sticky drones could buzz alongside nature's pollinators

Bee crisis? How intelligent sticky drones could buzz alongside nature’s pollinators

Wired | 
Tiny drones dressed in horsehair and coated with a sticky goo have been attempting to pollinate lilies in a Japanese ...

Computational drug discovery technique targets microRNAs using genome sequencing

Wired | 
A team of chemists has developed a new computational drug discovery technique that targets microRNAs using genome sequencing. To demonstrate ...

Burning Man laser show will project human genome into atmosphere

Wired (UK) | 
Would you like your genome shone 30-40 kilometres into the atmosphere from the middle of the desert with a giant ...

Two genetic code tweaks 500 million years ago caused evolutionary jump

Wired | 
The following is an excerpt.  Modern day reproductive systems are the result of changes in two letters of genetic code ...

Length of DNA strand could indicate life span

Wired (UK) | 
The following is an excerpt. According to a team of geneticists, the longer a person's telomeres (the protective ends of chromosomes) ...

Genetically modified tobacco produces cheap, effective rabies treatment

Wired (UK) | 
The following is an excerpt. According to the World Health Organisation more than 55,000 people die after contracting rabies every ...

Cells from human urine used to make stem cells

Wired (UK) | 
Biologists in China have published a study detailing how they transformed common cells found in human urine into neural stem ...

Genetics test reveals your cat’s ancestry

Wired | 
Ever wondered whether your feline hails from eastern Asia or the eastern Mediterranean? No need to rack your brain anymore ...