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When a consumer genetics test pushes your ‘right to know’ against someone else’s ‘right to privacy’

Wall Street Journal | 
Stephen Wald took a home DNA test in 2018, hoping to explore his family ancestry with his two young children ...

DIY home gene editing is all the rage: Here are the promises and pitfalls

Wall Street Journal | 
Kian Sadeghi has postponed homework assignments, sports practice and all the other demands of being a 17-year-old high-school junior...On a ...
Darek Zon

Life in genetic limbo: You’ve got the gene but, so far, no disorder

Wall Street Journal | 
Genetic testing is teaching some people they have the genetic markers of disease, but no symptoms yet. Neither patients nor ...

A community’s twist on genetic tests

Wall Street Journal | 
In Williamsburg, a bustling Brooklyn enclave across the East River from Manhattan, a sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews dresses in garb ...
crossing over

As gene mapping nears $1,000, will it improve our health?

Wall Street Journal | 
The cost of mapping a person's full genetic profile has been dropping quickly. Now, doctors are struggling with a new ...