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Genetic genealogy leader 23andMe going public. What will that mean for your data?

Genetic genealogy leader 23andMe going public. What will that mean for your data?

Wall Street Journal | 
California-based 23andMe will merge with Virgin Group’s VG Acquisition Corp and raise a further $250 million from new investors, [British ...

Superdonors: Recovered COVID patients with high antibody levels in demand by blood banks and researchers

Wall Street Journal | 
There is new determination in the search for high-antibody plasma because under FDA guidelines issued earlier this month, all donated ...
precision x

Population health vs personalized medicine? Coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of multiple approaches

Wall Street Journal | 
“If we are to advance health care in the United States, where is the dollar best spent? Is it spent ...

Infographic: Racing to create affordable at-home test for COVID-19

Wall Street Journal | 
To stretch beyond the lab, test developers are racing to produce next-stage technologies that could allow for rapid widespread testing ...
screenshot how blood plasma companies target the poorest americans

‘Fragments of dead virus’ preventing recovered coronavirus patients from donating plasma

Wall Street Journal | 
Close to four weeks after recovering from a Covid-19 infection, Jennie Novakovic went to her local hospital hoping to donate ...

When a consumer genetics test pushes your ‘right to know’ against someone else’s ‘right to privacy’

Wall Street Journal | 
Stephen Wald took a home DNA test in 2018, hoping to explore his family ancestry with his two young children ...

DIY home gene editing is all the rage: Here are the promises and pitfalls

Wall Street Journal | 
Kian Sadeghi has postponed homework assignments, sports practice and all the other demands of being a 17-year-old high-school junior...On a ...
Darek Zon

Life in genetic limbo: You’ve got the gene but, so far, no disorder

Wall Street Journal | 
Genetic testing is teaching some people they have the genetic markers of disease, but no symptoms yet. Neither patients nor ...

A community’s twist on genetic tests

Wall Street Journal | 
In Williamsburg, a bustling Brooklyn enclave across the East River from Manhattan, a sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews dresses in garb ...
crossing over

As gene mapping nears $1,000, will it improve our health?

Wall Street Journal | 
The cost of mapping a person's full genetic profile has been dropping quickly. Now, doctors are struggling with a new ...
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