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Bionic hand controlled by thought restores movement to paralyzed limbs

ITV | 
Milo Marinkovic used to find it difficult to put toothpaste on his brush. He couldn’t tie his shoelaces and couldn’t ...

Faces are sculpted by ‘junk DNA’

Guardian | 
Researchers have started to figure out how DNA fine-tunes faces. In experiments on mice, they have identified thousands of regions ...

‘US effect’: exaggerated results in genetics and psychiatry studies

Guardian | 
Scientists who study human behavior are more likely than average to report exaggerated or eye-catching results if they are based ...

Genomes project publishes inventory of human genetic variation

Guardian | 
The resource built by the 1,000 Genomes Project will shed light on the genetic roots of complex diseases and suggest ...
Neuroscience MouSensor a x

GM mouse created to detect landmines

Guardian | 
Scientists have genetically modified mice to enable them to sniff out landmines. They hope the GM mouse, known as MouSensor, ...