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Why are Americans obsessed with unproven CBD supplements?

Atlantic | 
CBD belongs to a class of chemicals called cannabinoids, dozens of which have been identified in cannabis and hemp plants, ...
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Can’t lose weight? You may be able to blame this ‘cruel’ metabolic mechanism

Atlantic | 
In a study of former contestants on a season of the weight-loss reality show The Biggest Loser, scientists found that ...
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Why is it so difficult to figure out if coffee, wine, eggs and other foods are good for us or not?

Atlantic | 
Do you know whether eggs are good for you? What about coffee, red wine, or chocolate? Most people probably have ...
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Are eggs good or bad for you? Why science can’t make up its mind about our favorite foods

Atlantic | 
Do you know whether eggs are good for you? What about coffee, red wine, or chocolate? Most people probably have ...
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Is it time for us to stop obsessing over extending the human life span?

Atlantic | 
In 2019, more people than ever before get to see their grandkids grow up. They get to enjoy a lengthy ...

Why your dog really can tell if you are sick

Atlantic | 
I was sick last week, and as [my Chihuahua] Midge was glued to my side, friends told me about their ...
2-26-2019 thoughtful teenager

70% of teens see mental health, depression as a ‘major struggle’ for their generation in Pew survey

Atlantic | 
In the past decade, young people in the United States have borne the brunt of some of the most highly ...
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Why Silicon Valley’s food-depriving ‘productivity hacks’ could be dangerous

Atlantic | 
Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, doesn’t eat for 22 hours of the day, and sometimes not at all. Over the weekend ...
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‘Men are struggling’: Psychologists get new guidelines for ‘traditional masculinity’

Atlantic | 
[T]he American Psychological Association, the country’s largest professional organization of psychologists, did something for men that it’s done for many ...

‘Cute aggression’: Why our brains love puppies and kittens

Atlantic | 
I harass my dog [constantly]. She’s a little loaf of a thing, with big eyes and satellite-dish ears and a ...