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Deconstructing Dr. Oz misrepresentations on pesticide exposure danger

WeedControlFreaks | 
Andrew Kniss, a scientist with an expertise in pesticides and weed control, addressed a segment on the Dr. Oz show in ...

Environmental Working Group exaggerates toxic hazards in latest anti-chem/anti-GMO campaign

WeedControlFreaks | 
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released a blog post titled “Thousands Of Schools Would be Close To Toxic Spray ...
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Seralini study data ‘mess’, even shows GMO and glyphosate diet increased male rat lifespans

Control Freaks | 
According to Andrew Kniss, a weed expert at the University of Wyoming, who reviewed the limited data released in the ...

‘Homemade herbicide’ of salt, vinegar and soap more expensive and toxic than glyphosate in Roundup

Control Freaks blog | 
The question I get most often about this homemade herbicide mixture is “how does it compare to commercial herbicides?” In particular, how ...

Social benefits of biotech crops

Control Freaks | 
Ask any sugarbeet grower in the US how their lives have changed since the commercialization of Roundup Ready beets. Really ...

Does glyphosate (Roundup) lead to superweeds?

Control Freaks | 
In 2004, farmers in Georgia discovered a weed that was resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up ...
Panicle of GE Weedy rice in our field trial

Can GM crops really pass their benefits to weeds?

Control Freaks blog | 
The ecological dangers of GM crops are a subject of contention, and this article examines recent headlines claiming GM crops ...

GE wheat: Pulitzer Prize winner gets things wrong on the Colbert Report

Control Freaks blog | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Near the beginning of an interview about GE wheat, Colbert asks (humorously) how the ...