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Are GMO crops improving children’s IQ?

Andrew Kniss | 
[Danny Hakim's October 29th article in the New York Times appears to suggest] that planting GMO crops has 1) lead to ...
PaulHoppe Superweed

Chipotle’s non GMO policy will likely increase pesticide use and create more ‘superweeds’

Andrew Kniss | 
A couple weeks ago, Chipotle announced they were removing genetically engineered crops (called GMOs) from their menu. Kind of. Dan ...

Deconstructing Dr. Oz misrepresentations on pesticide exposure danger

Andrew Kniss | 
Andrew Kniss, a scientist with an expertise in pesticides and weed control, addressed a segment on the Dr. Oz show in ...

Environmental Working Group exaggerates toxic hazards in latest anti-chem/anti-GMO campaign

Andrew Kniss | 
The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently released a blog post titled “Thousands Of Schools Would be Close To Toxic Spray ...