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Gene-editing rock stars: Geneticists set record with 13,200 CRISPR edits of single cell, opening door to ‘radical redesign’ of species

MIT Technology Review | 
Since its invention, CRISPR has let scientists introduce DNA changes at specific locations in a genome. Often these precise changes ...

Improving human sperm with gene editing? Harvard researcher moves forward as scientists debate CRISPR babies

MIT Technology Review | 
In the wild uproar around an experiment in China that created twin girls whose genes were altered to protect them ...
brain in jar getty

Thousand-year mind preservation with a twist: Startup Nectome’s procedure is ‘100 percent fatal’

MIT Technology Review | 
The startup accelerator Y Combinator is known for supporting audacious companies in its popular three-month boot camp. There’s never been ...
Fountain of Youth Pill

Anti-aging pill? Scientists study drug’s ability to rejuvenate older immune cells

MIT Technology Review | 
Can a pill make you younger? One of the few drug studies ever carried out in an attempt to address ...

Creating a synthetic human–Do science and ethics collide?

A controversy over a 'closed' meeting of 150 scientists discussing the latest research into synthetic biology in humans has sparked ...