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‘Virtual dating’ and how the coronavirus is changing the romantic landscape

Tanya Basu | 
Welcome to dating and sex during the coronavirus pandemic. Dating apps have struggled; after all, the whole point of dating ...
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Coronavirus may survive longer than expected on uncleaned surfaces

Charlotte Jee | 
The news: There were still traces of coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship 17 days after it emptied of passengers, according to a ...

No ‘temporary disruption’: Coronavirus threatens to change our lives forever

Gideon Lichfield | 
We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet ...
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Here’s how long the coronavirus survives on common surfaces

Antonio Regalado | 
A big question in the outbreak of Covid-19, which has already infected more than 110,000, is how the germ that ...
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If we use it correctly, artificial intelligence could help us fight the next epidemic

Will Heaven | 
It was an AI that first saw it coming, or so the story goes. On December 30, an artificial-intelligence company ...

Tracking the coronavirus—and failed containment efforts—by digging through its genome

Antonio Regalado | 
In the unprecedented outbreak of a new coronavirus sweeping the world, the germ’s genetic material may ultimately tell the story ...
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Why AI doctors could signal the arrival of superintelligent robots

Oren Etzioni | 
What would alert us that superintelligence is indeed around the corner? We might call such harbingers canaries in the coal ...
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Creating a synthetic version of the coronavirus fuels hopes of treatments — and conspiracy theories

Antonio Regalado | 
Synthetic versions of the deadly virus could help test treatments. But what are the risks when viruses can be synthetized ...
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Vision implant skips the eyes and goes directly to the brain of blind people

Russ Juskalian | 
[Bernardeta] Gómez was given a six-month window during which she could see a very low-resolution semblance of the world represented ...
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Can artificial intelligence diagnose diseases? Promising apps in development but kinks remain

Douglas Heaven | 
An algorithm that can spot cause and effect could supercharge medical AI. The technique, inspired by quantum cryptography, would allow ...
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Rethinking the brain’s reward system—and what creates human intelligence

Karen Hao | 
In a paper published in Nature ... DeepMind, Alphabet’s AI subsidiary, has once again used lessons from reinforcement learning to ...
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Modern love or eugenics? Genetics pioneer George Church’s dating app matches DNA to ‘wipe out’ inherited disease

Antonio Regalado | 
George Church made a passing comment about a genetic dating app his lab was developing that he said could wipe ...

Excerpts from unpublished paper reveal ‘damning’ details suggesting controversial CRISPR babies’ experiment went awry

Antonio Regalado | 
Titled “Birth of Twins After Genome Editing for HIV Resistance,” and 4,699 words long, the still unpublished paper was authored ...
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‘It raises all kind of questions about eugenics’: Startup offering to screen embryos to help parents pick best babies

Antonio Regalado | 
Anxious couples are approaching fertility doctors in the US with requests for a hotly debated new genetic test being called ...

These gene-edited pigs could eliminate shortage of human organ transplants

Karen Weintraub | 
It’s what’s inside this animal that matters. Her body has been made a little less pig-like, with four genetic modifications ...
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Why the genetic database GEDmatch represents a ‘security risk’ for the US

Antonio Regalado | 
A private DNA ancestry database that’s been used by police to catch criminals is a security risk from which a ...

The frightening thing about military AI: It may be too easily fooled, ‘turned against it owners’

Will Knight | 
Last March, Chinese researchers announced an ingenious and potentially devastating attack against one of America’s most prized technological assets—a Tesla ...
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‘A new kind of super-warrior’: US military pursuing mind controlled drones

Paul Tullis | 
Surgery is expensive, and surgery to create a new kind of super-warrior is ethically complicated. A mind-reading device that requires ...

Battling insomnia with a host of high-tech hacks. Do they work?

Charlotte Jee | 
In the US alone, [there’s] 82 million people who struggle with sleep. Given those figures, it’s no wonder there are ...
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Paralyzed man walks, using exoskeleton suit controlled by brain implants

Charlotte Jee | 
The news: A paralyzed man has walked again thanks to a brain-controlled exoskeleton suit. Within the safety of a lab setting, ...

Will the future of CRISPR babies be decided by Russian president Vladimir Putin?

Antonio Regalado | 
The future of genetically modified babies may lie in the hands of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reported over the weekend ...
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Asia is pulling ahead in the AI race – but are ethics being prioritized?

Globally, future outlooks for artificial intelligence (AI) swing between two extremes—excited anticipation about the positive impact AI will have on ...
artificial embryo structures show insight into fetal development

Can we trust self-regulation? As artificial embryos creep closer to the real thing, when do we hit pause?

Antonio Regalado | 
[R]esearchers at the University of Michigan are reporting that they’ve learned to efficiently manufacture realistic models of human embryos from stem cells ...

How CRISPR could help eradicate chronic pain

Antonio Regalado | 
The street performer was only 10 years old. He put knives through his arms and walked on hot embers. By ...
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Bacterial gene found in CRISPR-edited cow DNA raises new regulatory hurdles for animal gene editing

Antonio Regalado | 
They were the poster animals for the gene-editing revolution, appearing in story after story. By adding just a few letters ...
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An argument for why no one should live past 75

Ezekiel Emanuel, Stephen Hall | 
[Physician Ezekiel] Emanuel vowed to refuse not only heroic medical interventions once he turned 75, but also antibiotics and vaccinations ...

Inside the transhumanist quest for ‘super-longevity’

Antonio Regalado | 
Transhumanism is a patchwork of beliefs about how technology will enhance the human condition, maybe radically so. There are Extropians ...
how to grow old and happy together

If we classified aging as a disease, would it change the way we treat it?

David Adam | 
What would change if we classified aging itself as the disease?  David Sinclair, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School, is ...