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Human embryo research restrictions: Scientists move to drop 14-day limit on research

Human embryo research restrictions: Scientists move to drop 14-day limit on research

Antonio Regalado | 
For the last 40 years, the rule, which is law in some countries and a guideline in others, has served ...
Lab-made embryos? Israeli researchers grow mice in artificial wombs

Lab-made embryos? Israeli researchers grow mice in artificial wombs

Antonio Regalado | 
[Israeli] researchers have grown mice in an artificial womb for as long as 11 or 12 days, about half the ...
Drug development revolution: Messenger RNA has taken the lead in the COVID response - and that’s only the beginning

Drug development revolution: Messenger RNA has taken the lead in the COVID response – and that’s only the beginning

Antonio Regalado | 
Unlike traditional vaccines, which use live viruses, dead ones, or bits of the shells that viruses come cloaked in to ...
Immunity from serious cases of COVID-19 could last for years, emerging research shows

Immunity from serious cases of COVID-19 could last for years, emerging research shows

Neel Patel | 
[A new] study, published January 6 in Science, contrasts with earlier findings that suggested covid-19 immunity could be short-lived, putting millions ...
Pfizer vaccine data offer hope for a return to normalcy

Pfizer vaccine data offer hope for a return to normalcy

Antonio Regalado | 
[A]dvisors to the US Food and Drug Administration voted in favor of emergency authorization for Pfizer’s covid-19 shot, and the data in ...
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As AquaBounty readies US rollout of GMO salmon, scientists hope for jumpstart of biotech animal research

Antonio Regalado | 
A genetically modified salmon will become the first GM food animal to go on sale in the US, according to ...
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Out-of-the-box vaccine candidate: Nasal drops of a very slow-growing, synthetic-biology developed version of COVID. It just might work

Antonio Regalado | 
[S]ynthetic biology has led to a way to create a weakened form of the pandemic coronavirus that causes covid-19. Although ...
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Viewpoint: AI ethics guidelines will fail unless they account for regional and cultural differences

Abhishek Gupta, Victoria Heath | 
AI systems have repeatedly been shown to cause problems that disproportionately affect marginalized groups while benefiting a privileged few. The ...
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Brain hunger: The hunt to understand loneliness

Adam Piore | 
Kay Tye set out to answer a question that has taken on new resonance in the age of social distancing: ...

Limited COVID herd immunity may be developing in hardest hit areas, but it may last only months

Antonio Regalado | 
Millions of US residents have been infected by the virus that causes covid-19, and at least 160,000 are dead. One ...
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DIY COVID-19 vaccine? George Church, other scientists experimenting with home brewed versions

Antonio Regalado | 
Nearly 200 covid-19 vaccines are in development, and some three dozen are at various stages of human testing. But in ...
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How can we better expose ‘silent’ war crimes? Thousands of human rights violations identified through crowdsourced evidence

Karen Hao | 
By some estimates, [a coalition between Saudi Arabia and eight other Sunni Arab states has] carried out over 20,000 air ...
covid immunity

Why controlling COVID-19 outbreaks could make it harder to test a vaccine

Antonio Regalado | 
The aim is a vaccine by January, and money is no object. On May 21, the US said it would ...

Viewpoint: Regenerative agriculture—carbon farming—is the ‘feel-good climate solution’ that doesn’t work as promised

James Temple | 
Corporations, politicians, and environmentalists have all embraced carbon farming as the feel-good climate solution of the moment. Several leading Democratic ...
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Struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic? These apps could help you stay sane

Charlotte Jee | 
Set a reminder to write down how you’re feeling every day. Now you’ve started a mood diary. These sorts of ...
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‘Automation is in a tailspin’: How the pandemic has disrupted AI’s ability to understand us

Will Heaven | 
When covid-19 hit, we started buying things we’d never bought before. The shift was sudden: the mainstays of Amazon’s top ...
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Is IVF an essential medical procedure during a pandemic?

Anna Sussman | 
The pandemic confronts patients and health-care providers with new ethical dilemmas. Is it too risky to pursue a fertility procedure ...

Can Google’s medical AI improve our medical system? Laboratory results and real life offer different answers

Will Heaven | 
[A] study from Google Health—the first to look at the impact of a deep-learning tool in real clinical settings—reveals that ...
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Coronavirus opens door for expanded use of artificial intelligence at hospitals

Karen Hao | 
The Royal Bolton Hospital is among a growing number of health-care facilities around the world that are turning to AI ...
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Are coronavirus antigen tests the key to finding a way out of the pandemic crisis?

Neev Patel | 
PCR testing isn’t perfect, but it’s seen as the most accurate form of testing available for viruses. Unfortunately, it takes ...
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Is life worth living after 75? Why this medical ethicist isn’t a fan of extending the human life span

Ezekiel Emanuel, Stephen Hall | 
In October 2014, [physician and medical ethicist] Ezekiel Emanuel published an essay in the Atlantic called “Why I Hope to ...
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‘It’s going to be a project’: Looking at unconventional efforts to ramp up our coronavirus testing ability

Antonio Regalado | 
Right now, [coronavirus] gene tests—the most accurate kind—are run only in labs or on special hospital instruments. But [biotech entrepreneur ...
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‘Virtual dating’ and how the coronavirus is changing the romantic landscape

Tanya Basu | 
Welcome to dating and sex during the coronavirus pandemic. Dating apps have struggled; after all, the whole point of dating ...
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Coronavirus may survive longer than expected on uncleaned surfaces

Charlotte Jee | 
The news: There were still traces of coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship 17 days after it emptied of passengers, according to a ...

No ‘temporary disruption’: Coronavirus threatens to change our lives forever

Gideon Lichfield | 
We all want things to go back to normal quickly. But what most of us have probably not yet realized—yet ...
coronavirus live on surfaces days

Here’s how long the coronavirus survives on common surfaces

Antonio Regalado | 
A big question in the outbreak of Covid-19, which has already infected more than 110,000, is how the germ that ...
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If we use it correctly, artificial intelligence could help us fight the next epidemic

Will Heaven | 
It was an AI that first saw it coming, or so the story goes. On December 30, an artificial-intelligence company ...

Tracking the coronavirus—and failed containment efforts—by digging through its genome

Antonio Regalado | 
In the unprecedented outbreak of a new coronavirus sweeping the world, the germ’s genetic material may ultimately tell the story ...
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