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5-7-2019 crisor

Searching for a CRISPR antidote in case gene editing is used as a weapon

Antonio Regalado | 
[W]hat’s to stop a madman, terrorist, or state from employing CRISPR to cause harm?... In her book A Crack in Creation, ...

Testing human intelligence by putting our brain genes in monkeys

Antonio Regalado | 
Human intelligence is one of evolution’s most consequential inventions. It is the result of a sprint that started millions of ...

Gene-editing rock stars: Geneticists set record with 13,200 CRISPR edits of single cell, opening door to ‘radical redesign’ of species

Anthony Regalado | 
Since its invention, CRISPR has let scientists introduce DNA changes at specific locations in a genome. Often these precise changes ...

Top CRISPR researchers want global moratorium on heritable gene editing

Niall Firth | 
After the first International Summit on Human Gene Editing in December 2015, a statement was released. The organizers were unanimous ...
2-26-2019 alzheimers trial bathe brains genes

Gene therapy could offer ‘one-time genetic tune-up’ for Alzheimer’s patients

Antonio Regalado | 
No one knows for certain what causes Alzheimer’s disease. But one fact about the condition has gained nearly irrefutable status ...
2-21-2019 chinese kid studying maths

Searching for ‘hidden talents’: Chinese parents turn to genetic tests for their toddlers

Michael Standaert | 
Fears of seeing their children fall behind their peers have left Chinese parents searching for anything to give them a ...

Can we slow aging by killing off toxic cells? This small human study passed its first test

Karen Weintraub | 
A red-hot anti-aging strategy quietly passed its first test earlier this year after 14 volunteers took drugs meant to kill off ...
baby genetically modified infant newborn b

Did China’s CRISPR babies have their brains enhanced? It’s possible.

Antonio Regalado | 
The brains of two genetically edited girls born in China last year may have been changed in ways that enhance ...
2-13-2019 unnamed file

We are in the midst of a consumer DNA ‘testing frenzy’

Antonio Regalado | 
By the start of 2019, more than 26 million consumers had added their DNA to four leading commercial ancestry and ...
2-6-2019 young

Are DIY designer babies a real possibility?

Antonio Regalado | 
[Bryan] Bishop, a 29-year-old programmer and Bitcoin investor, has been leaving a trail of comments about human “enhancement” on the ...
2-7-2019 ak hj

Stanford investigating whether faculty has ties to controversial Chinese CRISPR baby experiment

Antonio Regalado | 
Officials at Stanford University have opened an investigation into what several high-profile faculty members knew about a Chinese effort to ...
1-21-2019 baby

Why we don’t have to worry about ‘designer babies’: Altering intelligence is too hard

Antonio Regalado | 
One of the main worries that the public has about CRISPR is that it could be used to create “designer babies” with increased levels ...
1-14-2019 download second chance

Preventing opioid overdoses with a smart phone app that monitors breathing patterns

Charlotte Jee | 
The opioid epidemic in the US kills 115 Americans every day, with fentanyl by far the biggest killer. Per year, drugs in ...

Why 2018 was such a big year for DNA data

Antonio Regalado | 
These were some of the surprising new uses of DNA information that emerged over the last 12 months as genetic ...

Improving human sperm with gene editing? Harvard researcher moves forward as scientists debate CRISPR babies

Anthony Regalado | 
In the wild uproar around an experiment in China that created twin girls whose genes were altered to protect them ...

Chinese researcher’s claims of gene-edited babies prompts investigation

Antonio Regalado | 
A Chinese researcher who claims to have created the first gene-edited babies, He Jiankui of the Southern University of Science and ...
One scientist's quest for an anti-aging drug

One scientist’s quest for an anti-aging drug

Judith Campisi, Stephen Hall | 
Judith Campisi has been a leading figure in the biology of aging since the early 1990s, when her research on ...

Inside a couple’s quest to pay for an experimental gene therapy to save their children

Antonio Regalado | 
“We need your help, we really do,” Gary [Landsman] says, his voice breaking. The Landsmans’ two sons—Benny, then 18 months, ...
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Designer babies are already here—and why we should be worried

Laura Herscher | 
Matthew assumed the weakness in his knee was the sort of orthopedic nuisance that happens when you turn 30. … ...

Geneticist Carlos Bustamante’s effort to make DNA databases less white

Carlos Bustamante, David Rotman | 
In the 15 years since the Human Genome Project first exposed our DNA blueprint, vast amounts of genetic data have ...

Optical illusions and why neural networks can’t seem to figure them out

[Optical illusions] are interesting because they provide insight into the nature of the visual system and perception. So ways of ...

Why it’s critical for AI to be given a good dose of common sense

Will Knight | 
Wherever artificial intelligence is deployed, you will find it has failed in some amusing way. Take the strange errors made by translation algorithms ...
catalog hardware render

Storing movies on DNA pellets? School-bus-sized gene storage machine may help pave the way

Antonio Regalado | 
In a world awash with data, DNA is a hugely compact way to store it. The data on every iPhone, PC, ...

Monitoring blood pressure with a wearable ‘stick-on patch’

Rachel Metz | 
The last time you had your blood pressure checked, it was probably at a doctor’s office with a bulky cuff ...
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Why is former basketball player Shawn Bradley so tall? His DNA could offer the answer

Antonio Regalado | 
As a first-round draft pick from Brigham Young University, Shawn Bradley caused a hubbub during the 1993 NBA draft. That ...
ThinkstockPhotos field img hero

Large drug trials are expensive and results often misleading. A new genetic tool might cure those problems.

Gary Taubes | 
[C]orrelation is not causation. The fact that two phenomena or trends are correlated in time does not mean one causes ...

CRISPR treatment for dogs with muscular dystrophy could one day lead to a cure for humans

Antonio Regalado | 
Dogs suffering from muscular dystrophy are having their genomes edited with CRISPR, and the results are “mind-blowing.” Researchers from Texas ...

Can artificial intelligence point out employee weaknesses, training needs?

Elizabeth Woyke | 
Here’s the conundrum with corporate online learning: there are so many classes available from sites like Coursera, edX, and Udacity that companies ...