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Brain hunger: The hunt to understand loneliness

MIT Technology Review | 
Kay Tye set out to answer a question that has taken on new resonance in the age of social distancing: ...

GMO hornless cow awaits approval amid FDA policy changes

Bloomberg | 
[In 2016], Recombinetics, the 35-person company [geneticist Scott Fahrenkrug] founded in 2008 with three other geneticists from the University of ...

How connecting our brain to a computer could restore lost sight or hearing

MIT Technology Review | 
Matt Angle’s claim might have sounded eccentric before: for years, he insisted that the key to solving one of neuroscience’s ...
doping lance armstrong x

Designer muscles: How gene doping could change sports

Vice | 
[Editor's Note: Adam Piore is an award-winning journalist and author of the new book The Body Builders: Inside the Science ...
Pig growth gut health may see boost from protease supplements strict xxl

How one surgeon harnesses the regenerative power of pig guts to save fingers, limbs

Discover | 
Bioengineers have made great strides harnessing the body’s ability to start over...[still] much of regenerative medicine’s promise remains inside the ...

Uploading his brain to computer, neuroscientist looks for key to extending life

Popular Science | 
In the back of the audience, carefully reviewing his notes, sat Randal Koene, a bespectacled neuroscientist wearing black cargo pants, ...