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Eastern European countries that opted for less expensive (and possibly less safe and effective) AstraZeneca vaccine see surge in cases as supplies lag

Eastern European countries that opted for less expensive (and possibly less safe and effective) AstraZeneca vaccine see surge in cases as supplies lag

Alberto Nardelli, Nikos Chrysoloras | 
Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia, which declined part of their Pfizer allotments to wait for Astra doses, are among ...
Scientists challenge China-WHO story of COVID emergence

Scientists challenge China-WHO story of COVID emergence

Colum Murphy, Corinne Gretler | 
The controversy over the investigation organized by the World Health Organization and China about the origins of Covid-19 heated up ...
Tom Vilsack e

Senate confirms Obama Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to head USDA again

Mike Dorning | 
The Senate confirmed Tom Vilsack as U.S. Agriculture Secretary, opening the way for the Biden administration to move forward with ...
How might mass COVID vaccinations work? Louisiana sets up drive-through flu vaccine effort as a test

How might mass COVID vaccinations work? Louisiana sets up drive-through flu vaccine effort as a test

Angelica LaVito | 
Getting all those shots into arms will be a monumental task. Shreveport, Louisiana, is getting ready now. The city recently ...
guinea unicef banner

Viewpoint: Creating a COVID vaccine may turn out to be the easiest part. Logistics pose a global nightmare

Ferdinando Giugliano | 
Governments deserve credit for supporting [COVID vaccine] advances through public subsidies. But that was always going to be the easy ...
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Super fit and unafraid of COVID? Think again, as lingering symptoms often debilitate the healthiest

Therese Raphael | 
Like many healthy people, [57-year-old Brendan Delaney] figured his symptoms, a mild fever and a cough, would pass soon enough ...

Bayer close to resolving 88,500 glyphosate-cancer suits, but settlement costs rise by $2 billion

Joel Rosenblatt, Tim Loh | 
[Bayer’s legal bills] keep rising with costs to handle future [Roundup] lawsuits expected to surge to $2 billion. The German ...
unnamed file

EPA re-registers drift-prone dicamba weedkiller, relieving some farmers and frustrating others who fear crop damage

Pat Rizzuto | 
Farmers can continue to use dicamba for five years, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said [October 27], offering certainty to cotton ...
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Glyphosate on trial: California Supreme Court rejects request from Bayer to review first Roundup-cancer verdict

Joyce Cutler | 
Bayer AG’s Monsanto Co. lost a bid for the California Supreme Court to review the first multimillion-dollar jury award to ...

Bayer faces fast-approaching deadline to settle glyphosate-cancer litigation before new trials begin

Joel Rosenblatt | 
Bayer AG is up against a fast-approaching deadline to settle remaining lawsuits over its Roundup weedkiller or face the prospect ...
franz lake nwr

Judge dismisses activist lawsuit to block GMO crop, pesticide use in wildlife refuges

Maya Earls | 
Conservation groups failed to show they would be harmed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s reversal of a previous ...
Screen Shot at AM

Bayer settles 15,000 more cancer suits, a ‘huge step’ toward ending glyphosate litigation

Joel Rosenblatt | 
Bayer AG settled thousands more U.S. lawsuits over its Roundup weed killer after criticism that the company was failing to ...
covid vaccine

World’s first nasal COVID vaccine in Phase 3 testing in China

Dong Lyu, Sharon Chen | 
Intranasal spray has previously been developed as a vaccine for the flu and is recommended for use among children and adults who ...

Bayer, BASF, Corteva pledge $16.5 billion to help EU farmers cut pesticide use

Stephen Gardner | 
Crop protection companies active in the European Union, including including BASF SE, Bayer AG, have pledged to spend $16.5 billion ...
unnamed file

Judge fears Bayer ‘manipulated’ $11 billion glyphosate settlement, opening door to more cancer trials

Joel Rosenblatt | 
U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria said during a hearing [August 27] he’s concerned Bayer has “manipulated” the [$11 billion] settlement ...
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Vindication? As global coronavirus hot spots surge, Sweden’s case load plunges

Charles Daly | 
Sweden’s latest Covid-19 figures suggest it’s rapidly bringing the virus under control. “That Sweden has come down to these levels ...
lab grown meat

Next Impossible Burger? Investors pour $1.4 billion into lab-grown meat, microbial protein development

Emily Chasan | 
Hoping to find the next Beyond Meat, venture investors have more than doubled their bets on alternative protein makers this ...
roundup monsanto bayer merger

How the COVID pandemic may have helped Bayer settle crippling glyphosate-cancer litigation

Joe Nocera | 
[Editor's note: Biotech giant Bayer recently settled roughly 95,000 lawsuits alleging it Roundup herbicide causes cancer. The $10.9 billion settlement ...
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Consumer pesticide fears spur chemical giant Syngenta to develop more eco-friendly farm technologies

Agnieszka De Sousa, Eric Roston | 
Conventional pesticide makers including Syngenta and Bayer AG have been under pressure in recent years over their products’ impact on ...
unnamed file

California can’t force Bayer to put Prop. 65 cancer warning on Roundup glyphosate weedkiller, judge rules

Joel Rosenblatt | 
A federal judge in Sacramento on [June 22] ruled for Bayer and blocked the state from requiring that any company ...

With glyphosate-cancer settlement nearing, is the Roundup controversy coming to an end?

Tim Loh | 
Bayer AG is close to a turning point in its legal battle over the weedkiller Roundup. But it still has ...
s reutersmedia net

Bayer reaches verbal settlement in up to 85,000 glyphosate-cancer suits for estimated $10 billion

Jef Feeley, Tim Loh | 
Bayer AG has reached verbal agreements to resolve a substantial portion of an estimated 125,000 U.S. cancer lawsuits over use ...
glyphosate food FI

Federal judge tosses lawsuit alleging Cheerios contain undisclosed glyphosate weedkiller

Julie Steinberg | 
A would-be class suit alleging General Mills Inc. failed to disclose the presence of glyphosate residue in Cheerios can’t proceed ...
china jilin covid new confirmed cases may

China’s latest outbreak sparks concerns over dangerous coronavirus mutations

Claire Che, Jason Gale, Sharon Chen | 
Chinese doctors are seeing the coronavirus manifest differently among patients in its new cluster of cases in the northeast region ...
image xsenuv

British American Tobacco poised to begin late June trials for COVID-19 vaccine derived from tobacco plants

Corinne Gretler | 
An experimental Covid-19 vaccine developed by cigarette maker British American Tobacco Plc is poised to begin testing in humans. Pre-clinical ...
PAY tmagArticle

Chipotle fined record-setting $25 million for allegedly sickening 1,100 customers with norovirus

Edvard Pettersson | 
Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. will pay a $25 million criminal fine to resolve allegations by federal prosecutors that its food ...

After three lost glyphosate-cancer trials, Bayer investors fear litigation ‘avalanche’ will further harm company’s reputation

Eyk Henning, Tim Loh | 
Two influential shareholder advisory groups are split on whether investors should support Bayer AG’s management at its upcoming annual meeting, ...

Rising food prices amid coronavirus pandemic stress already fragile economies in developing world

As the coronavirus pandemic penetrates more deeply into global supply chains, prices for key staples are starting to soar in ...
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