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Why it was no surprise that controversial CRISPR babies happened in China

Bloomberg | 
The headline-making births last November of the world’s first gene-edited babies (twin girls) was unsurprising in one way: The scientist ...

CRISPR’s potential in gene therapy shadowed by concerns over ethical use

Bloomberg | 
Tracy Antonelli and her three daughters suffer from thalassemia, a blood disorder that saps their strength, leaves them anemic, and ...

Analysis of baby DNA to demystify diseases

Bloomberg | 
When Kira Walker was three weeks old, her pediatrician noticed a problem. She was frequently hungry and had dangerously low ...
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23andMe effect: Sharper scrutiny ahead for personal genetic tests

Greensburg Daily News | 
After the FDA intervened against genetic testing company 23andMe, it is likely that sharper regulatory scrutiny is ahead for these ...

The benefits of DNA science should be shared across social and class lines

Bloomberg | 
Sharing the benefits of DNA science across social and class lines is one of the next big challenges facing genome ...

Ancient human kin’s DNA code illuminates rise of brains

Bloomberg | 
DNA analysis of an extinct human ancestor that lived 80,000 years ago has pinpointed fundamental genes tied to the brain’s ...

After media pressure, insurer relents, makes exception to pay for kids’ genetic tests

Journal Gazette | 
WellPoint Inc. says it will pay for DNA testing for three children to see whether they have inherited from their ...

Some insurers hesitate to embrace genetic testing

Chicago Tribune | 
"For some people, the first symptom of this is cardiac arrest — they drop dead on the soccer field, the ...