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CRISPR-edited bananas immune to killer pathogens advance toward commercialization in Africa

CRISPR-edited bananas immune to killer pathogens advance toward commercialization in Africa

Nature | 
For more than two decades, I have been working to improve several staple food crops in Africa, including bananas, plantains, ...
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Landmark approval of GMO Bt insect-resistant cowpea leads Nigeria toward sustainable farming

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Cowpea is an incredibly important source of protein for millions of people across Africa. In December 2019, Nigeria approved the ...
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Nigerian scientists call for biotech to address food security in Africa

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
“We need to do more advocacy for biotechnology in Nigeria and ensure accurate dissemination of scientific information." ...
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Following approval of GMO crops, Nigeria sets sights on other biotech advances, including gene editing and synthetic biology

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Africa's most populous nation has achieved significant strides in biotechnology ...

Working to build trust in the insect-resistant BT cowpea, Nigeria’s first genetically modified food crop

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A crop created through technology faces intense opposition in Nigeria ...

Inside Nigeria’s efforts to protect its cowpea harvest with nation’s first genetically engineered seeds

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The release of the GM cowpea will significantly improve livelihoods. But not everyone is happy ...

‘White gold’: GMO cotton renews hope for Nigeria’s troubled textile industry

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Nigeria's textile industry was once a thriving part of the nation's economy. The industry was once the country's second-leading employer, ...

Viewpoint: Nigeria must rely on science to find its way through the GMO debate

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The global evolution in science has lead to the emergence and adoption of agricultural biotechnology in some parts of the ...
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