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Infographic: Here’s how gene drives would fight mosquitos, malaria

Megan Scudellari | 
Gene drives have rapidly become a routine technology in some laboratories; scientists can now whip up a drive in months ...

African cassava mosaic virus poses serious threat to food security. Is CRISPR gene editing the answer?

Edward Rybicki | 
.... African cassava mosaic virus (ACMV) has been linked to famine and indirectly to the deaths of thousands of people ...

Scientific, social and ethical barriers must be overcome before the world is ready for CRISPR babies, researchers say

Heidi Ledford | 
Nature asked researchers and other stakeholders what hurdles remain before heritable gene editing could become acceptable as a clinical tool ...
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Viewpoint: To boost sustainable farming, new UN Food and Agriculture Organization chief should promote science-based policies

The United Nations body is about to elect a new director‑general. The choice will affect the entire globe for years ...

GMO crops could have slowed fall armyworm pest advance across China

Andrew Silver | 
A hungry caterpillar that ravages crops is advancing across China and threatening the nation’s vast supply of maize. Scientists are ...

Another CRISPR controversy brews as Russian scientist announces plans to produce gene-edited babies

David Cyranoski | 
A Russian scientist says he is planning to produce gene-edited babies, an act that would make him only the second ...

This tech start-up wants to ‘hack’ efforts to save endangered species, ecosystems

Lisa Palmer | 
After an unorthodox career in science that has included setting up a national park in an active war zone in ...
Nutritionally enhanced GMO crops could boost public health worldwide, so why have we developed so few?

Nutritionally enhanced GMO crops could boost public health worldwide, so why have we developed so few?

Johnathan Napier | 
The potential for using genetic modification (GM) to enhance the nutritional composition of crops .... has been recognized since the ...
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Anti-GMO Russia joins global CRISPR ‘bonanza,’ investing $1.7 billion in gene-edited crop research

Olga Dobrovidova | 
Russia is embracing gene-editing. A 111-billion-rouble (US$1.7-billion) federal programme aims to create 10 new varieties of gene-edited crops and animals ...
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Short or tall? Genes account for 79% of height differences, study shows

Linda Geddes | 
Since the human genome was sequenced nearly two decades ago, researchers have struggled to fully identify the genetic factors responsible [for ...
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Pushing for greater diversity in genetic databases by ending ‘cycle of disengagement’

Giorgia Guglielmi | 
For the past 30 years, human genomics has made exciting advances in reconstructing population history and identifying which genes make ...
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CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing unlikely to cause off-target mutations in plants, study shows

Joshua Young | 
CRISPR-Cas9 enabled genome engineering has great potential for improving agriculture productivity, but the possibility of unintended off-target edits has evoked ...
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Turning brain signals into speech using artificial intelligence moves closer to reality

Giorgia Guglielmi | 
In an effort to provide a voice for people who can’t speak, neuroscientists have designed a device that can transform ...
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Australia adopts relaxed CRISPR gene-editing rules, ‘middle ground’ between US, EU extremes

Smriti Mallapaty | 
The Australian government will not regulate the use of gene-editing techniques in plants, animals and human cell lines that do ...
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Do men and women feel pain differently?

Amber Dance | 
Pain researchers are opening their eyes to the spectrum of responses across sexes. Results are starting to trickle out, and ...
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Viewpoint: FDA plan to regulate CRISPR-edited animals as drugs will keep innovative products off the market

Alison Van Eenennaam | 
[T]he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed mandatory premarket new animal drug regulatory evaluation for all food animals ...
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Plan to battle citrus greening disease in Florida with antibiotics sparks backlash from activists, some scientists

Maryn McKenna | 
In the next month or so, orange trees across Florida will erupt in white blossoms, signalling the start of another ...
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‘Paradigm shifting’: Monthly injections could replace daily pills for HIV patients

Amy Maxmen | 
Long-acting medicines have proved as effective as daily pills in preventing HIV from replicating, according to results from twin trials ...
3-10-2019 reuters stringer

China tightens gene-editing regulations in wake of CRISPR baby scandal

David Cyranoski | 
China’s health ministry has issued draft regulations that will restrict the use of gene editing in humans, just three months ...
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Among questions lingering after CRISPR-babies controversy: When will it happen again?

David Cyranoski | 
In the three months since He Jiankui announced the birth of twin girls with edited genomes, the questions facing the ...
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‘Good Reasons for Bad Feelings’: Understanding evolution’s role in anxiety, depression and making us human

Adrian Woolfson | 
[In] the thought-provoking Good Reasons for Bad Feelings, [evolutionary] psychiatrist Randolph Nesse offers insights that radically reframe psychiatric conditions. In his ...
3-4-2019 d

Who were the Denisovans? This Siberian cave could offer answers

Ewen Callaway | 
Samantha Brown didn’t have high hopes when she opened the ziplock bag containing some 700 shards of bone. It would ...
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Lassa epidemic: Nigeria uses CRISPR to get early jump on viral outbreaks

Amy Maxmen | 
An epidemic of Lassa fever in Nigeria that has killed 69 people this year is on track to be the ...
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Genetic testing could predict potential for cancerous growths to become invasive lung cancer

Andrew Cherniack, Heidi Greulich | 
A type of non-invasive cancer called carcinoma in situ (CIS) can occur in the human lung. Some cases of CIS will ...
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Brewer’s yeast could be used to produce rare cannabis-derived compounds that treat anxiety, pain

Elie Dolgin | 
The yeast that people have used for millennia to brew alcoholic drinks has now been engineered to produce cannabinoids — ...

Synthetic doubling of life’s DNA alphabet suggests there’s nothing ‘magical’ about life on Earth

Matthew Warren | 
The DNA of life on Earth naturally stores its information in just four key chemicals — guanine, cytosine, adenine and ...

Animal gene-editing researchers leaving US to escape FDA’s ‘regulatory confusion’

Heidi Ledford | 
In a few weeks, reproductive biologist Charles Long will travel from Texas to São Paulo, Brazil in search of collaborators ...
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How global climate change makes it harder to farm: Higher CO2 levels, warmer temperatures may spur glyphosate resistance in some weeds

Maor Matzrafi | 
Herbicides are the most commonly used means of controlling weeds. Recently, there has been growing concern over the potential impacts ...