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Viewpoint: As most of Africa ‘dilly-dallied,’ Sudan, South Africa boosted food production with biotech crops

John Agaba | 
Why are South Africa and Sudan ahead of every other country on the continent when it comes to biotech?....The nations ...
CRISPR-edited plants aren't GMOs—and 4 other essential facts about gene editing

CRISPR-edited plants aren’t GMOs—and 4 other essential facts about gene editing

Bijal Trivedi | 
If you’ve been stunned by all the alarming reports of gene-edited babies, you might have the impression that the only ...
cowpea in market

Nigeria could lead Africa to innovative future in agriculture by approving GMO cowpea

Opuah Abeikwen | 
Nigeria has commenced a historic process of leading other African nations on smart and innovative agriculture with the recent application ...
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Africa could miss the ‘gene revolution’ if it fails to embrace crop biotech, experts say

Nkechi Isaac | 
Africa can’t afford to be left behind as the gene revolution transforms modern farming, African agricultural experts say. This is ...
TM Aunt Molly Ground Cherry Seeds

CRISPR gene editing could turn wild plants into productive food crops

Vanessa Greenlee | 
The lantern-shaped groundcherry, with its distinctive paper-thin husk, tomato-like texture and flavor akin to kiwi, seems to deserve a place ...
ocean plastics x

GMO bacteria could help resolve Africa’s plastic pollution ‘menace’

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
African scientists are calling for investments in the application of biotechnology to deal with the world’s plastic pollution problem. They ...
Precautionary principle may threaten progress of agriculture, medicine in Africa, expert says

Precautionary principle may threaten progress of agriculture, medicine in Africa, expert says

Nkechi Isaac | 
An over-reliance on the precautionary principle threatened to impede innovation in decisions made at [the recent] Convention on Biological Diversity ...
Gmo cassava tubers

Uganda’s young cassava farmers want access to GMO crops

Lominda Afedraru | 
Though Uganda’s Parliament passed a biosafety bill [the week of November 26], it remains unclear whether it will benefit a ...
Putin bans GMO foods Russia Illegal x

How anti-GMO groups and ‘Russian trolls’ influence public perceptions of science

Mark Lynas | 
A new opinion poll suggests that Russian trolls, aided by anti-GMO groups such as the Center for Food Safety and ...
GMO climate change

GMO crops may be necessary to counter impacts of climate change, study shows

Joan Conrow | 
New research suggests that the type of yield gains made possible by genetic engineering (GE) will be needed to offset ...
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Better livestock breeding could help bring Uganda’s farmers out of poverty

John Agaba | 
“Kafuuzi!” Grace Bwogi shouted. A black and grey goat turned in the caller’s direction before shifting her gaze and continuing ...

How crop biotechnology preserves and promotes biodiversity

Nkechi Isaac | 
Experts attending the [recent] United Nations Biodiversity Conference in Egypt say that adopting smart agronomic practices can play a significant ...

African nations push back against proposed UN ban on gene drives

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Africa has kicked against a proposed moratorium on the environmental release of organisms containing gene drives now under debate at ...
10 African countries passed plant breeding protection laws to boost food security. Will Ghana join them?

10 African countries passed plant breeding protection laws to boost food security. Will Ghana join them?

Joseph Gakpo | 
Scientists, politicians and farmers are urging the government of Ghana to pass new laws that will strengthen the local seed ...
Nigerian Farmers

University students embrace biotech research as Africa gradually embraces crop biotechnology

Christopher Bendana | 
Though most African nations have been slow to commercialize genetically modified crops, students across the continent remain committed to earning ...
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Vitamin-A fortified GMO banana may finally debut in Uganda in 2021, 16 years after research began

Lominda Afedraru | 
Ugandan scientists are eying a 2021 release date for genetically modified bananas fortified with vitamin A, provided the nation passes ...
synthetic biology

How synthetic biology can solve the problems we’ve created

Jenna Gallegos | 
Human activity has wreaked havoc on the environment. Many of the products we rely on for our daily lives are ...
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Scientists can save one of Uganda’s staple crops with genetic engineering—if lawmakers will let them

Lominda Afedraru | 
Ugandan scientists are accelerating their outreach to lawmakers to make them aware of improved crops like disease-resistant cassava .... Cassava, ...
Screen Shot at PM

How one plant scientist challenges the ‘natural is better’ myth

Justin Cremer | 
Paul Vincelli spends a good deal of his time talking to the public about genetic engineering so it’s not surprising ...

Video: Filipino farmer shares insider tips for spreading GMO acceptance in developing world

AD Alvarez | 
To mark the occasion of World Food Day, farmers from around the world will convene in Iowa to share thoughts ...
Alison E

UC Davis animal geneticist Alison Van Eenennaam: The science advocate anti-GMO groups love to hate

Joan Conrow | 
In the contentious arena of livestock breeding and biotechnology, Dr. Alison L. Van Eenennaam has emerged as a tireless advocate for getting ...
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Will ‘precautionary mindset’ at UN biodiversity meeting threaten agricultural innovation?

Pablo Orozco | 
Some 196 countries may decide to limit access to the benefits of pioneering new biotechnological applications at an upcoming international ...

Anti-GMO activists can’t be allowed to ‘have their way,’ African farmer warns

Bradford Owusu | 
When I was a little boy, what I feared most were the masqueraders .... human beings wearing masks or ...
Nigerian Farmers

Educating farmers key to biotech crop success in developing world

Gerald Andae | 
African countries and the Philippines have made significant progress in developing genetically modified (GMO) crops, adding impetus to the drive to ...

China’s adoption of GMO cotton launched 25-year decline in ‘hazardous’ pesticide use

Mark Lynas | 
China has experienced large and sustained reductions in pesticide use as a result of adopting GMO cotton, according to the largest-ever ...
university lab exploring new methods plant breeding closeup

Biotech experts open their labs to combat misinformation about GMOs

Verenardo Meeme | 
Scientists are demonstrating the efficacy of plant biotechnology by taking Cornell Alliance for Science Global Leadership Fellows through the process ...
Brexit cutting the ties e

Brexit could free UK farmers from Europe’s stringent GMO regulations

Justin Cremer | 
Like most United Kingdom citizens, English farmer Andrew Osmond lives with a certain sense of uncertainty brought on by Brexit ...
seeds pix

As Uganda debates GMO safety, its scientists boost food production in neighboring countries

John Agaba | 
When Dr. Geoffrey Arinaitwe returned home after earning his PhD in biotechnology in Belgium in 2005, Uganda seemed a promising ...