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‘Science diplomacy’: What the Cold War can teach Africa about battling hunger with GM crops

Lenganji Sikapizye | 
It can be said the main problems facing the world are international in nature. No country can stand up today ...

5 steps African governments should take to keep food systems intact when the next pandemic hits

Joseph Gakpo | 
COVID-19 has hit world economies hard, and the agricultural sector is no exception. Restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of ...
Bangladeshi Bt Brinjal trial fails

World Food Day: Post-pandemic food security and resilience in Bangladesh

Arif Hossain | 
As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic lays waste to lives and livelihoods in countries around the globe, [October ...

Rewilding farmland can protect biodiversity and sequester carbon, new study finds

Mark Lynas | 
Restoring ecosystems on just 15 percent of the world’s current farmland could spare 60 percent of the species expected to ...

Analysis: Problematic provisions in new USDA rule for GE plants

Greg Jaffe | 
Over the last three months, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published materials and conducted webinar presentations to ...
Fertilizer Farm Rice Field

Nitrogen fertilizers are jeopardizing climate goals, new study finds

The expanding use of nitrogen fertilizers in agriculture is pushing nitrous oxide emissions to levels that jeopardize climate goals and ...

Agroecology must be based in reality, not romanticism, panelists agree

Joan Conrow | 
Agroecology has a role to play in transforming agriculture — so long as the movement doesn’t trump the science or ...
SA corn

Nigeria’s maize import ban could boost adoption of GM varieties

Nkechi Isaac | 
Though a ban on maize imports could accelerate Nigeria’s adoption of genetically modified (GM) TELA maize, it may be two ...
Screen Shot at PM

Self-limiting ‘Friendly’ technology offers hope for controlling fall armyworm without pesticides

Mark Lynas | 
Oxitec, the Oxford University spinoff company that produces environmentally-friendly insect control solutions, [September 24] announced a collaboration with the life ...

Burkina Faso renews commitment to GM crops with Bt cowpea

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Burkina Faso scientists and farmers say their country has not abandoned crop biotechnology, despite challenges that prompted it to shelve ...
maiz mexico

Viewpoint: Mexican government undermining science and agriculture

Luis Ventura | 
Over the last two years, the Mexican government led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador (who goes by his initials, AMLO) ...
benefits to the soil by earthworms

New meta-analysis finds Bt crops have no impact on soil biota

Joan Conrow | 
A new meta-analysis finds that genetically modified Bt crops — in stark contrast to some pesticides — have no impact ...
Screen Shot at AM

Pesticide-free crop protection yields sizable economic benefits in Asia-Pacific

Scientists have estimated for the first time how nature-based solutions for agricultural pest control deliver US$14.6 to US$19.5 billion annually ...
monarch butterfly x

Study challenges prior research blaming decline of monarch butterflies on deaths during annual migration

Justin Cremer | 
A new study suggests that extensive agricultural use of glyphosate herbicide is to blame for the decades-long decline in North ...
American chestnut allen breed ap

Video: USDA to decide fate of American chestnut restoration

Joan Conrow | 
University researchers are seeking approval to restore the iconic chestnut to American forests by using a genetically engineered (GE) variety ...

Bt cotton in Africa: Role models and lessons learned

Nkechi Isaac | 
Africa’s cotton farmers are struggling to recoup their investments because they lack access to quality seeds that can increase yields ...
nongmofb large

Viewpoint: GMOs a ‘corporate plot’ to control the food supply, and 9 other biotech myths, debunked

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.” It most commonly refers to organisms—often plants—that have been modified to achieve desired traits, ...
algae pill

Italy and Israel bet on GM microalgae to develop edible COVID vaccine

Daniel Norero | 
The rush to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 has extended to Italy and Israel, where scientists are using the tools ...
apv x

Tinted solar panels could boost farm incomes

Tinted, semi-transparent solar panels can generate electricity and simultaneously produce nutritionally-superior crops, offering farmers the prospect of higher incomes and ...

Rwanda controls COVID-19 but its farmers struggle

Pacifique Nshimiyimana | 
Rwanda has achieved astonishing results in controlling the novel coronavirus, recording just five deaths from COVID-19 even as cases continue ...

GM crops can lift farmers out of poverty, study shows

Joseph Gakpo | 
On a continent where more than 80 percent of the people living in extreme poverty are rural farmers, some have ...

Viewpoint: Agro-ecology agendas are trapping African farmers in poverty

Mark Lynas | 
Rather than helping to address food insecurity, the agro-ecological agenda may in fact be trapping African farmers in poverty. That’s ...
Gene Editing

Exploring gene drive’s role in fight against malaria

Joan Conrow | 
An international initiative has formed to ensure that gene drive technology gets a chance to prove its mettle in the ...
sun shining through tall trees in forest

Agricultural technology key to protecting nature and preventing pandemics

Joseph Gakpo | 
Scientists are urging governments across the globe to adopt technology to reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment and slow the ...
opinie afryka tb

10 things everyone should know about GMOs in Africa

1. Biotechnology, genetic modification, genetic engineering and GMOs are terms for essentially the same process: breeding crops and livestock to ...
growing sweet potatoes in tanzania x

African women are leading biotechnology advance across the continent

John Agaba | 
Women researchers are strongly influencing the adoption of agricultural biotechnology in Africa. “As African women, we are the ones who ...
ghana women

Ghanaian chief calls for commercialization of GMOs

Richmond Frimpong | 
A Ghanaian chief, Nana Adjie Panin II, has called for the country’s commercialization of genetically modified (GM) seeds. Genetically modified ...
Cowpea market IITA

Pandemic likely to lead to a global shortage of protein-rich foods with African and Asia hardest hit

Joseph Gakpo | 
A global shortage of protein-rich foods is expected this year due to COVID-19 and other factors, says a new report ...