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Plant breeding innovations required to weather climate change, report says

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
The world needs plant breeding innovations to address challenges of climate change and a growing population ...

‘Patchwork’ of global gene editing regulations will harm seed production, group warns

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
Failing to harmonize international regulations around the use of gene editing in agricultural production will hurt seed production globally ...
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GM cassava research progresses in Uganda

Isaac Ongu | 
Ugandan researchers are requesting permission to create permanent demonstration gardens of the improved crops ...
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Crop gene editing needs proactive communication plan, scientist warns

Joseph Gakpo | 
Effective science communication is critical to ensure gene editing technology does not suffer from the perception problem now facing GMOs ...
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Nigerian farmer: ‘Give us the chance to use agricultural biotech’

Joseph Gakpo | 
African farmers must be given the opportunity to use genetically modified (GM) seeds as the sure way to enhance agricultural ...

Activists plan to call Vandana Shiva as ‘expert’ witness in Ghana GMO court case

Joseph Gakpo | 
Calling Indian activist Vandana Shiva an “expert witness” has been mocked by defendants in the case ...
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New breeding techniques can boost food security in Africa, report finds

Joseph Gakpo | 
New breeding techniques can help Africa meet its food security and industrial needs while improving farmer livelihoods, according to a ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Kenya field trial shows Bt cotton boosts yields four-fold

Verenardo Meeme | 
“The results from the biotech cotton have demonstrated the potential that it has in transforming the textile industry in the ...
Children eating OFSP in Munguini

African media urged to consider ‘national interest’ in reporting on GMOs

Joseph Gakpo | 
Journalists and scientists are urging African media to consider the “national interest” when reporting on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to ...

Scientists urge speedy introduction of GMOs to help Ghana cut food imports

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
As Ghana’s government rolls out a master plan to drastically cut down on food imports, scientists are urging the speedy ...
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Pakistan marks another GMO crop milestone

Muhammad Kashif Tunio | 
Pakistani farmers and scientists are recognizing the need for genetically modified (GM) crops to help the country transition from subsistence ...
Woman trader selling cowpea at Bodija market Ibadan Nigeria Photo IITA x

Ghana’s Christian leaders join GMO debate, with some vouching for the technology’s goodness

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Christian leaders in Ghana have joined the debate on whether the country should adopt genetically modified (GM) crops, with some ...
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Ghana considers new rules to enhance its GMO regime

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Ghana’s parliament is considering new regulations that will help facilitate its safe adoption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The rules, ...

Gene editing could save Ghana’s cocoa from extinction, scientists say

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
A new study warns that climate change could drive Ghana’s cocoa (cacao) industry to extinction — a fate that scientists ...

Video: ‘Technology freedom—we want, we want’: Farmers protest India’s GMO crop restrictions

5,000 farmers in India staged a protest to demand access to GMO crops, with some risking up to five years ...
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Swaziland (eSwatini) finds success with GMO cotton

Nkechi Isaac | 
The chief executive officer of the Swaziland Cotton Board is urging African leaders to put their political egos aside and ...

Kenya plants demonstrations of drought-tolerant, insect-resistant GMO maize

Verenardo Meeme | 
Kenyan scientists have planted demonstration plots in the country’s eastern and western regions to show how genetically modified (GM) maize ...
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Opuah Abeikwen: Fighting to protect Nigeria’s indigenous crops

Etta Michael Bisong | 
Opuah Abeikwen was introduced into agriculture and food production by his grandmother, a famous pigeon pea farmer in her local ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Royalty-free genes reduce GMO seed costs in Africa

Christopher Bendana | 
Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa will be able to access improved seeds at low cost, thanks to the use of ...
GMO Free

Irish scientist calls for reopening GMO debate

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Award-winning Irish biochemist Dr. Richard Murphy says it’s time to revisit the debate around the use of genetically modified organisms ...
Woman trader selling cowpea at Bodija market Ibadan Nigeria Photo IITA x

Ghana farmer groups demand accelerated approval of GMO crops

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Farmer groups in Ghana are asking the government to speed up the process of commercializing genetically modified (GM) crops as ...
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Patricia Nanteza is Uganda’s agricultural biotechnology communications queen

Christopher Bendana | 
You go to the annual National Agricultural Show in Jinja and she is there. You go to the Harvest Money ...
Afrikansiche Baumwolle

Kenya reconsidering GMO crop ban to support food security

Verenardo Meeme | 
Kenya is reconsidering its 2012 import ban on genetically modified maize as more than 1 million of its citizens require urgent humanitarian ...
Students in Ghana rally support for GMO crops

Students in Ghana rally support for GMO crops

Some student associations in Ghana have waded into the ongoing debate over whether the country should commercialize genetically modified organisms ...
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Burkina Faso cotton production plummets after phasing out insect resistant Bt GMO crop

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Cotton production in Burkina Faso is continuing its downward slide three years after the nation phased out the use of ...

CRISPR could save banana, major food source for 500 million people, from deadly disease, climate change

Joan Conrow | 
CRISPR/Cas9‐based genome editing is offering new hope for protecting a critical food security crop by developing climate-smart banana varieties. Research ...
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Viewpoint: Ghana’s anti-GMO groups urged to embrace gene editing technology

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Scientists are urging Ghana’s anti-GMO groups to embrace gene editing technology to help ensure a more effective and productive agricultural ...
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Crop biotechnology can aid environmental conservation, African scientists say

Nkechi Isaac | 
Over the years, many plant and animal species have disappeared from Earth, in part due to human degradation of the ...