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Scientists and farmers dispute ag minister’s claim that Ghana doesn’t need GMOs

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Scientists and farmers warn that Ghana’s agricultural sector will struggle if the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is delayed ...
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Burkina Faso ‘farmer of the year’ calls for return of Bt cotton

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Wiledio Naboho, the 2019 Alliance for Science Farmer of the Year, is mounting fresh pressure on the Burkina Faso government ...
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Improved seeds key to sustainable food security, African plant breeders say

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
Strategies now being rolled out to ensure food security on the African continent are unsustainable, according to the African Plant ...
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Nigeria gears up for two GMO crops in the 2020 planting season

Nikechi Isaac | 
Nigeria made significant progress in agricultural biotechnology in 2019, approving two genetically modified (GM) crops — pest-resistant Bt cotton and ...

Activists escalate efforts to stop Indian farmers from using GMO seeds

Mark Lynas | 
Anti-GMO activists in India have escalated their war on the country’s resource-poor farmers by moving their efforts to stop genetically ...
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Five ways CRISPR plants can combat climate change

Jenna Gallegos | 
Plants occupy a unique nexus when it comes to climate change. On the one hand, they can help prevent climate ...
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Nigeria commercializes its first GMO food crop

Joan Conrow | 
Nigeria has reached a major food security milestone with the commercial release of insect-resistant cowpea — its first genetically modified ...
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Millennials turn to tech to solve African farming challenges

Pacifique Nshimiyimana | 
For generations our farmers were told that they will be the next richest people of the world, due to a ...
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Uganda faces heavy losses without GMO banana, economist warns

Christopher Bendana | 
A leading Ugandan economist is warning of heavy financial losses among banana farmers if they don’t soon adopt a genetically ...
Pompeo bill would preempt state GMO labeling strict xxl

Zambian food makers directed to label GMO products

Lenganji Sikapizye | 
Zambia’s National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has directed food producers to clearly label products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) so that ...

Ghana’s parliament gives GMO crops a boost

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
Ghana’s parliament has approved regulations that open the door for the country to commercialize genetically modified (GMO) crops. The regulations ...

Can TELA maize solve the acute food shortages in sub-Saharan Africa?

Christopher Bendana | 
Sub-Saharan Africa remains the most food-insecure region in the world, with an estimated 237 million throughout the region suffering from ...
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Kenya needs to overcome inhibitions about GMOs, official says

Verenardo Meeme | 
Efforts to “put technologies in the hands of farmers that protect against drought and insects cannot be taken lightly.” ...
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Severe drought threatens food security in sub–Saharan Africa

Lenganji Sikapizye | 
The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly severe in sub-Saharan Africa, where millions of people are facing severe food ...
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Is it ‘unconstitutional’ to let activists use Ghana’s court system to ban GMOs?

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
It’s unconstitutional to allow anti-science groups to use Ghana’s judicial system to deny farmers the benefits of biotechnology, Ghana’s National ...

Mennonite family shuns gadgets but grows GMO corn

Rose Mukonyo | 
How many days could you live without your cell phone, laptop or favorite communications tool? Modern technology has become such ...
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Nigerian scientists call for biotech to address food security in Africa

Abdullahi Tsanni | 
“We need to do more advocacy for biotechnology in Nigeria and ensure accurate dissemination of scientific information." ...
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Will Kenya lift its GMO ban as its agriculture falters?

Rose Mukonyo | 
Scientists should now move with urgency to allow for the continuation of research to support applications of biotechnology ...
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Many plants are naturally GMO, research finds

Joan Conrow | 
GMOs are less 'unnatural' than you might think ...
Market Bangladesh with brinjal eggplant

GMO eggplant developed by Bangladesh government cuts toxicity of pesticides used 41%, farmers increase revenues 27%, study finds

Joan Conrow | 
"Bt brinjal can improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in a developing country while protecting the environment.” ...
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Plant breeding innovations required to weather climate change, report says

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
The world needs plant breeding innovations to address challenges of climate change and a growing population ...

‘Patchwork’ of global gene editing regulations will harm seed production, group warns

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
Failing to harmonize international regulations around the use of gene editing in agricultural production will hurt seed production globally ...
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GM cassava research progresses in Uganda

Isaac Ongu | 
Ugandan researchers are requesting permission to create permanent demonstration gardens of the improved crops ...
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Crop gene editing needs proactive communication plan, scientist warns

Joseph Gakpo | 
Effective science communication is critical to ensure gene editing technology does not suffer from the perception problem now facing GMOs ...
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Nigerian farmer: ‘Give us the chance to use agricultural biotech’

Joseph Gakpo | 
African farmers must be given the opportunity to use genetically modified (GM) seeds as the sure way to enhance agricultural ...

Activists plan to call Vandana Shiva as ‘expert’ witness in Ghana GMO court case

Joseph Gakpo | 
Calling Indian activist Vandana Shiva an “expert witness” has been mocked by defendants in the case ...
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New breeding techniques can boost food security in Africa, report finds

Joseph Gakpo | 
New breeding techniques can help Africa meet its food security and industrial needs while improving farmer livelihoods, according to a ...