greenpeace GMO 327327

How ‘technophobia’ helps explain public opposition to GMOs and biotechnology

Etta Bisong | 
It is now common sense to argue that the issue lies not in the concept of the technology, but with ...
pesticide residue food safety 3823

How regulators ensure that pesticide residues on food don’t hurt us

Juan Ortúzar | 
Due to my relationship with the world of food, I constantly hear inaccurate comments about GMOs and agricultural pesticides.  While ...
GMO potato uganda blight 32374389

Video: Blight-resistant GMO potato could help Ugandan farmers increase yields, reduce pesticide use

A GMO potato offers hope to Uganda farmers who are struggling with the devastating late blight disease. But politics have ...
Brazil GMO label transgenicos 72327

Viewpoint: Brazilian anti-GMO activists should stop supporting fear-mongering label

Lucia de Souza | 
What is the difference between these two signs? Both show a black T inside a yellow warning shape. But in ...
USDA GMO label bioengineered food 6965757

Viewpoint: USDA’s friendly ‘bioengineered’ food label could help undo anti-GMO activists’ stigmatization

Joan Conrow | 
Though anti-GMO activists have long pushed labeling as a way to stigmatize genetically modified foods, America’s draft proposal for labeling ...
CRISPR food 32877438

How scientists are using CRISPR to make foods that directly benefit consumers

Jenna Gallegos | 
Scientists are now using a pioneering technology called CRISPR to edit a plant’s own genes, ushering in a host of ...
Nigeria agriculture 43727

Genetic engineering has ‘enormous potential’ to solve environmental problems in Africa, scientists say

Nkechi Isaac | 
[S]cientists and government officials, in a series of exclusive interviews with the Alliance for Science, opined that biotechnology is one ...
Brazil GMO transgenicos label 327237

Viewpoint: Brazil GMO label shows need to balance transparency and science

Mark Lynas | 
Since 2003, Brazilian law has required all consumer products containing genetically modified material to carry a scary-looking label that depicts ...
Mozambique drought 34282

Mozambique farmers hope drought-tolerant GMO seeds can help them adapt to changing climate

Joseph Gakpo | 
Natural disasters like extreme drought and floods are prevalent in Mozambique, and the country has experienced about 15 protracted droughts ...
GMO banana Uganda bacterial wilt 3283277

Video: How GMO bananas could help Ugandan farmers overcome bacterial wilt disease

Uganda's political system holds the key to helping farmers who are struggling with the devastating banana bacterial wilt disease. Read ...
GMO Bt corn maize 43277

Video: The science behind insect-resistant GMO Bt corn—explained

Joel Ochieng, Senior Research Fellow and Leader of Agricultural Biotechnology at the University of Nairobi, explains what a GMO is -- ...
Viewpoint: How an anti-GMO reporter discovered science and embraced the benefits of crop biotechnology

Viewpoint: How an anti-GMO reporter discovered science and embraced the benefits of crop biotechnology

Joan Conrow | 
I’ve ... come to learn that GMOs are a stand-in for many other gripes, like industrialization and corporatization. They’re viewed ...
Bill Gates CRISPR 43277

Bill Gates endorses CRISPR gene editing to spur food, medical innovation

Joan Conrow | 
Philanthropist Bill Gates today strongly endorsed new gene editing techniques such as CRISPR, saying they could help humanity overcome some ...
organic environment 4327

Large-scale switch to organic farming would imperil natural habitats, study finds

Mark Lynas | 
Organic agriculture is not as good for the environment as commonly believed, according to a new scientific study reviewing multiple lines of ...
golden rice philippines 37273

Anti-GMO network protests Golden Rice commercialization in Philippines

Mark Lynas | 
More than two dozen anti-GMO groups are meeting in the Philippines in a last-ditch attempt to stop the deployment of ...
GMO uganda 327427

Viewpoint: GMO crops can empower smallholder women farmers in Africa

Joshua Muhumuza | 
Efforts to get products of modern agricultural technologies, such as GM crops, into the hands of farmers have so far ...
Uganda GMO 43727

Uganda’s GMO law expected to pass now that president’s ‘concerns’ have been addressed, officials say

Joshua Muhumuza | 
Some Ugandan officials are optimistic that the nation’s biotechnology biosafety bill will soon pass, saying that President Museveni’s concerns have ...
2-8-2018 CRISPR_vid

From GMOs to CRISPR: Making sense of how genetic engineering tweaks nature

Jenna Gallegos | 
Many new genetic engineering techniques have been stumbled upon by accident. Studying how bacteria defend themselves has led to CRISPR ...
no till farming gmo 432727

Video: Iowa farmer explains how GMO crops enable greenhouse gas reducing no-till farming

Ron Sass, a corn and soybean farmer from northeast Iowa, discusses how agricultural biotechnology has helped his family farm, and ...
Nigeria GMO farming 73627

Nigeria needs GMO seeds to feed growing population, says nation’s top scientist

Nkechi Isaac | 
Nigerian scientists are drumming up support for modern agricultural biotechnology, saying the country cannot feed its growing population with the ...
Ugandan farmers, scientists hope to bring solution to armyworm invasion blocked by anti-GMO activists

Ugandan farmers, scientists hope to bring solution to armyworm invasion blocked by anti-GMO activists

Mark Lynas | 
Ugandan scientists are confident that their latest field trials of genetically modified drought-tolerant and insect-resistant maize are yielding promising results, ...
GMO cassava virus 549549

Lost resistance: GMO cassava project demonstrates difficulties of crop improvement

Joseph Gakpo | 
In Sub-saharan Africa, cassava serves as a major staple for most people; in fact it is the third largest carbohydrate ...
bangladesh gmo potato 832499

Bangladesh embraces GMO crops to boost yields, reduce pesticide use

Md. Arif Hossain | 
Bangladesh is the world’s seventh-largest producer of potatoes. Most of the crop is grown by small-holder farmers. Akhter Hossain, a ...
Rice gene 483247

Rice gene could dramatically boost several crops’ yields and drought tolerance

Mark Lynas | 
Scientists have moved a step closer to identifying how an obscure gene from rice can dramatically improve yields in some ...
burkina faso cotton gmo bt 8237399

Despite GMO cotton controversy, Burkina Faso still open to GE crops, sterile mosquitoes to combat malaria

Joseph Gakpo | 
Agriculturalists in Burkina Faso say their country is still open to using the tools of biotechnology, despite the decision to stop ...
brazil gmo 8347438

Will South American powerhouses Brazil and Argentina regulate new breeding techniques (NBTs) as GMOs?

Pablo Orozco | 
New breeding techniques, or “NBTs” as they have come to be known, are a set of innovative tools that can ...
Indian cotton farmer 44858

‘Come stay with me’: Indian farmer invites anti-GMO activists to see how biotech cotton improves lives

Justin Cremer | 
Balwinder Kang has a simple message for those who don’t think Indian farmers like him should be able to utilize ...
Mexico corn farmer 854743

Top Mexican university endorses GMOs: ‘Unfair and immoral’ that farmers don’t have access to biotech

Luis Ventura-Martínez | 
The national debate about the use of GMOs in Mexico experienced a significant shift when the technology received strong academic ...