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Despite activist opposition, Ghana’s scientists seek government approval for GM insect-resistant cowpea

My Joy Online | 
The Savannah Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) has announced it will in November officially request approval from the National Biosafety Authority ...

GM crops can lift farmers out of poverty, study shows

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
On a continent where more than 80 percent of the people living in extreme poverty are rural farmers, some have ...
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Agricultural technology key to protecting nature and preventing pandemics

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Scientists are urging governments across the globe to adopt technology to reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment and slow the ...
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Pandemic likely to lead to a global shortage of protein-rich foods with African and Asia hardest hit

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
A global shortage of protein-rich foods is expected this year due to COVID-19 and other factors, says a new report ...
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COVID-19 disrupts Africa’s seed supply, threatening food security

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The global pandemic has made it difficult for some African seed companies to produce and import sufficient quantities of quality ...

African nations warm to crop biotechnology for potential food security gains

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Though only a few African countries are now growing genetically modified (GM) crops commercially, governments across the continent are increasingly ...

Africa looks to build food self-sufficiency as COVID disrupts global supply chain

As Africa grapples with disruptions in the global supply chain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some see it as an ...
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Gene editing will revolutionize crop breeding in Africa, new paper predicts

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Genome editing technology has the potential to revolutionize crop development on the African continent, especially in sub-Sahara Africa, according to ...

COVID-19 virus spread prompts food insecurity fears in Africa

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus is prompting food insecurity fears in Africa, with some countries already experiencing rising prices, ...

New report hails Ghana’s ‘unique’ biosafety regime as nation prepares for its first GMO crop

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
A new report has hailed Ghana’s “unique” biosafety regime as the West African nation prepares to commercialize insect-resistant Bt cowpea, ...
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Mozambique sees GMO crops as way to reduce poverty, achieve food security

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Mozambique is exploring the use of biotech crops to boost food security following its successful field trials of genetically modified ...
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Crop gene editing needs proactive communication plan, scientist warns

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Effective science communication is critical to ensure gene editing technology does not suffer from the perception problem now facing GMOs ...
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Nigerian farmer: ‘Give us the chance to use agricultural biotech’

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
African farmers must be given the opportunity to use genetically modified (GM) seeds as the sure way to enhance agricultural ...

Activists plan to call Vandana Shiva as ‘expert’ witness in Ghana GMO court case

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Calling Indian activist Vandana Shiva an “expert witness” has been mocked by defendants in the case ...
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New breeding techniques can boost food security in Africa, report finds

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
New breeding techniques can help Africa meet its food security and industrial needs while improving farmer livelihoods, according to a ...
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African media urged to consider ‘national interest’ in reporting on GMOs

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Journalists and scientists are urging African media to consider the “national interest” when reporting on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to ...
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Ghana’s Supreme Court allows suit to move forward that could block GMO crop commercialization

My Joy Online | 
The Supreme Court has shot down an attempt by the Ghana National Farmers and Fishermen Association (GNAFF) to quash a ...
10 African countries passed plant breeding protection laws to boost food security. Will Ghana join them?

10 African countries passed plant breeding protection laws to boost food security. Will Ghana join them?

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Scientists, politicians and farmers are urging the government of Ghana to pass new laws that will strengthen the local seed ...
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Where food security trumps ideology: ‘People in Mozambique are not worried about GMOs’

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
In Mozambique, a country where 64 percent of the population is food insecure, no one cares about the processes used ...