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Ghana’s Supreme Court allows suit to move forward that could block GMO crop commercialization

Joseph Gakpo | 
The Supreme Court has shot down an attempt by the Ghana National Farmers and Fishermen Association (GNAFF) to quash a ...
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Debunking the claim that GMOs cause cancer

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
Scientists have debunked claims that Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs) cause cancer after assertions by a doctor that the products are deadly ...
'Simplifying science' for the public key to Africa's embrace of GMOs, Ghanaian scientist says

‘Simplifying science’ for the public key to Africa’s embrace of GMOs, Ghanaian scientist says

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
A former Deputy Agric Minister has urged scientists to simplify the issue of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) technology for ordinary ...
Ghanaian scientist: GMO food safer, more sustainable than conventional crops

Ghanaian scientist: GMO food safer, more sustainable than conventional crops

Joseph Gakpo | 
Crops produced using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) technology are safer than conventionally produced ones, a Research Scientist at [Ghana's] Crop ...
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African scientists call for implementation of biotech crops to further food security, development

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Scientists are calling for technological transformation in how Africans undertake agricultural production to help improve food security on the continent ...

Ghana mulling genetic engineering to combat armyworm crop damage

Nasiba Yakubu | 
[Ghana’s] Ministry of Environment, Science, Innovation and Technology has encouraged local scientists to intensify research into ways to fight the ...
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Ghana’s farmers should have right to grow GMO crops, says Cornell professor Sarah Evanega Davidson

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Ghanaians are being urged to give Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) technology a chance as a possible tool for dealing with ...
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Ghana suspends GMO cotton field trials after Monsanto withdraws funding

Abubakar Ibrahim | 
[Ghana's] Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has suspended trials of GMO cotton in the country after US Company ...
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Insect-resistant GMO cowpeas could be available to Ghanaian farmers in 2018

Joseph Opoku Gakpo | 
Ongoing field tests on genetically modified cowpea (Bt cowpea) have produced successful results and will be ready for commercialisation and ...
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Ghanaian researcher: Let science, not scare-mongering, guide our country’s GMO policy

Alexander Wireko Kena | 
[Editor's note: The author is currently a Ph.D. Candidate studying Plant Science at the South Dakota State University, Brookings, USA. He ...
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Ghana scientist speaks out against efforts to derail appointment of pro-GMO ag minister

Walter Alhassan | 
Editor's Note: This article written by Walter Sandow Alhassan, the director of Biotechnology and Stewardship for Sustainable Agriculture, is a ...