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Improved seeds key to sustainable food security, African plant breeders say

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Strategies now being rolled out to ensure food security on the African continent are unsustainable, according to the African Plant ...

Ghana’s parliament gives GMO crops a boost

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Ghana’s parliament has approved regulations that open the door for the country to commercialize genetically modified (GMO) crops. The regulations ...
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Is it ‘unconstitutional’ to let activists use Ghana’s court system to ban GMOs?

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
It’s unconstitutional to allow anti-science groups to use Ghana’s judicial system to deny farmers the benefits of biotechnology, Ghana’s National ...
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Plant breeding innovations required to weather climate change, report says

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The world needs plant breeding innovations to address challenges of climate change and a growing population ...

‘Patchwork’ of global gene editing regulations will harm seed production, group warns

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Failing to harmonize international regulations around the use of gene editing in agricultural production will hurt seed production globally ...
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Debunking the claim that GMOs cause cancer

My Joy Online | 
Scientists have debunked claims that Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs) cause cancer after assertions by a doctor that the products are deadly ...
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Ghana suspends GMO cotton field trials after Monsanto withdraws funding

My Joy Online | 
[Ghana's] Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has suspended trials of GMO cotton in the country after US Company ...