Articles written specifically for the GLP or the articles that are reposted from other sources (sometimes in modified form) with permission list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. Excerpted articles list the original media outlet as the source. Excerpts are posted under guidelines for Fair Use and Creative Commons for educational nonprofits (501c3). The GLP’s Fair Use policy for posting excerpts and using images is explained here.

After Glowing GMO plant Kickstarter failure, biotech company makes scented GMO moss

Business Insider | 
One of the most popular Kickstarter launches of the last several years was the Glowing Plant Kickstarter campaign, which raised ...

Monsanto’s greatest challenge may be communication, not technology

Tech Insider | 
The technology used to create genetically modified crops has gotten dramatically better over the last 30 years. . . . But while the ...

Mary-Dell Chilton, developer of first transgenic plant, on future of GMOs

Tech Insider | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. . . .Mary-Dell Chilton, ...

Want to research GMOs? Try using new search tool for scientific papers

Co.Exist | 
Arguing about scientific topics is always a fraught endeavor. Part of the problem—whether you're discussing GMOs, the measles vaccine, or ...

Inconclusive results of republished Séralini GM corn toxicity study warrant further research

Fast Company | 
In 2012, a study was released that seemed at first glance to justify every anti-GMO advocate's worst fears: eating genetically ...

London School of Economics report: Loosen restrictions on GM crops to help feed malnourished

Fast Company | 
A report released by the London School of Economics recommends that in order to feed the world amid climate change ...

Company wants to use GM insects to protect crops

Fast Co.Exist | 
Whether you like them or not, genetically modified ingredients are hard to avoid in the food supply--they’re found in most ...

GM labeling fight goes to Washington State

Fast Company | 
The next stop for the GMO labeling movement is Washington State, where I-522 (also known as "The People’s Right To ...
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