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Coronavirus ‘relapses’ in South Korea blamed on faulty tests detecting ‘dead virus fragments’

Sinéad Baker | 
Scientists said the wave of South Koreans who tested positive for COVID-19 even after they recovered did not have the ...
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Coronavirus may force massive changes to restaurant industry, including customer temperature checks

Kate Taylor | 
Many are dreaming about what they'll do when the coronavirus pandemic is behind us. People are already imagining their first ...
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Past decade taught us how wrong we were about human evolution, including when our ancestors left Africa

Aylin Woodward | 
In recent years, anthropologists around the world have discovered new human ancestors, figured out what happened to the Neanderthals, and pushed ...

McDonald’s teams up with Beyond Meat to test plant-based burger in Canada

Kate Taylor | 
McDonald's is teaming up with Beyond Meat. On [September 26], the fast-food giant announced that it will partner with Beyond ...
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CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna: Gene-edited foods could hit stores by 2024

Erin Brodwin | 
While ethicists debate the applications of blockbuster gene-editing tool Crispr in human healthcare, an inventor of the tool believes it has ...
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Why you shouldn’t expect the DNA you send to companies like 23andMe to remain private forever

Erin Brodwin | 
The data you shared with a genetic testing startup like 23andMe is private — for now. But maintaining that privacy, which rests ...
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Viewpoint: Consumer tests are ‘neither safe nor private’

Eric Brodwin | 
As millions of Americans sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, the biomedical researcher James Hazel sent out a stark warning about the genetic-testing kits that ...

Can this DNA test find the right depression medication for you?

Erin Brodwin | 
Using DNA testing to determine how well a given depression medication will work with a patient's genetic makeup is becoming ...
Breakfast Sausages

New Age Meats lab-grown sausage passes first taste test

Erin Brodwin | 
On [September 17th], the startup, called New Age Meats, let a handful of journalists and prospective investors taste its prototype product ...

Video: Why having a dog can put you in a ‘state of calm’

Emma Fierberg | 
Your pets have a larger effect on your body and brain than you might think. They have the ability to ...

10 common misconceptions about the human brain

Lindsay Dodgeson | 
[C]hances are you’ve heard a completely incorrect “fact” about the brain. … [Here are] the biggest and most widely believed ...
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Will public embrace CRISPR crops if they can help feed our growing population and protect the environment?

Erin Brodwin | 
Experts estimate we’ll be eating the first CRISPR produce — likely strawberries or another type of fruit — within five ...
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Monsanto may leave India after court rules GMO Bt cotton patent unenforceable

Dilsher Dhillon | 
The Delhi High Court, on March 11th, ruled that Monsanto’s patents on two genetically modified (GM) seed varieties of cotton ...
Strawberry Inflammation

CRISPR strawberries? Monsanto-backed gene-editing venture developing sweeter fruit

Erin Brodwin | 
In a move aimed at securing a place in the rapidly-evolving food technology scene, agricultural giant Monsanto has invested $125 ...
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Bill Gates: GMO foods ‘perfectly healthy’, could reduce starvation and malnutrition

Erin Brodwin | 
Bill Gates has a message for anti-GMO advocates: I'm disappointed. In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" on Tuesday, Gates said that ...

Can CRISPR gene editing save chocolate from extinction?

Erin Brodwin | 
Beyond the glittery glass-and-sandstone walls of the University of California’s new biosciences building, rows of tiny green cacao seedlings in ...

Viewpoint: How to choose the right consumer genetics test to map your family tree

Lydia Ramsey | 
Every so often, someone asks me which [genetics] test I recommend. And my answer boils down to one question: What ...

Health or ancestry? How to choose the right genetic test for you

Lydia Ramsey | 
Every so often, someone asks me which [genetics] test I recommend. And my answer boils down to one question: What ...

After Glowing GMO plant Kickstarter failure, biotech company makes scented GMO moss

Ariel Schwartz | 
One of the most popular Kickstarter launches of the last several years was the Glowing Plant Kickstarter campaign, which raised ...
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Lemon-sized baby skull of likely common ancestor of humans and apes found in Africa

Kevin Loria | 
Research has revealed that the common ancestor that we share with chimpanzees (our closest primate cousins) lived in Africa 6 to 7 million years ...
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Could vertical farming revolutionize agriculture?

Leanna Garfield | 
Plenty is no ordinary farm. Instead of growing greens outdoors, the farm grows its food on glowing, LED-lit 20-foot-tall towers inside ...
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Fermi’s haunting question about alien life: Does lack of contact signal doom for humanity?

Kevin Loria | 
We live in a galaxy with between 100 billion and 400 billion stars, each potentially surrounded by planets...[N]ew NASA research indicates there ...

GMO papaya saved an $11 million industry in Hawaii—and set off a political storm

Erin Brodwin | 
It started with rotting flesh. ... It was a sign of trouble for hundreds of Hawaiian papaya farmers who, for the next several ...
personal genetic test

Which genetic test is best: AncestryDNA v 23andMe v National Geographic

Lydia Ramsey | 
Genetic testing companies have proprietary sets of data and various ways of analyzing information, so each one I tried offered ...
the companys first challenge in making a sweeter winter cantaloupe for example is figuring out which genes in the melon are responsible for brix a measure of sweetness

Monsanto is changing the way people eat — Using traditional breeding to make better fruits and vegetables

Melia Robinson | 
Monsanto is no one-trick GMO pony. Founded in 1901, the agricultural biotech company has fueled innovations in herbicides, pesticides, and ...
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Infographic: 5 popular foods genetically modified by humans–before GMOs

Erin Brodwin, Samantha Lee, Tanya Lewis | 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat a completely "natural" diet? Well, for starters, you wouldn't ...
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Hoping for a baby? New DNA test identifies fertility risk factors in women

Lydia Ramsey | 
[The DNA test] Fertilome was launched in January 2017 after being in the works for eight years. The company behind ...

Asteroid strike chilled earth, paved way for rise of humans

Lindsay Dodgson | 
Dinosaurs went extinct around 66 million years ago,…[but a single strike of a meteor] may not have been enough to ...