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1/3 of American adults can now legally smoke marijuana. Here is how weed affects your brain and body, for good and bad

1/3 of American adults can now legally smoke marijuana. Here is how weed affects your brain and body, for good and bad

Business Insider | 
Marijuana can make you feel good.  One of weed's active ingredients, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) interacts with the brain's reward system, the ...

Artificial consent: Unproven AI making key decisions about patients health care without their knowledge

At a growing number of prominent hospitals and clinics around the country, clinicians are turning to AI-powered decision support tools ...

Pandemic could give a boost to remote-monitoring devices that keep patients out of the doctor’s office

It was a shift that began long before the pandemic: Tech companies, health providers, and patients alike were increasingly looking ...
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Second opinion? Google AI spots breast cancer more accurately than radiologists, in trial

Researchers at Google, working alongside experts at Northwestern University and three British medical institutions, have created an AI model that ...
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CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna: Gene-edited foods could hit stores by 2024

Business Insider | 
While ethicists debate the applications of blockbuster gene-editing tool Crispr in human healthcare, an inventor of the tool believes it has ...
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Why you shouldn’t expect the DNA you send to companies like 23andMe to remain private forever

Business Insider | 
The data you shared with a genetic testing startup like 23andMe is private — for now. But maintaining that privacy, which rests ...

Can this DNA test find the right depression medication for you?

Business Insider | 
Using DNA testing to determine how well a given depression medication will work with a patient's genetic makeup is becoming ...
Breakfast Sausages

New Age Meats lab-grown sausage passes first taste test

Business Insider | 
On [September 17th], the startup, called New Age Meats, let a handful of journalists and prospective investors taste its prototype product ...
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Will public embrace CRISPR crops if they can help feed our growing population and protect the environment?

Business Insider | 
Experts estimate we’ll be eating the first CRISPR produce — likely strawberries or another type of fruit — within five ...
Strawberry Inflammation

CRISPR strawberries? Monsanto-backed gene-editing venture developing sweeter fruit

Business Insider | 
In a move aimed at securing a place in the rapidly-evolving food technology scene, agricultural giant Monsanto has invested $125 ...
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Bill Gates: GMO foods ‘perfectly healthy’, could reduce starvation and malnutrition

Business Insider | 
Bill Gates has a message for anti-GMO advocates: I'm disappointed. In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" on Tuesday, Gates said that ...

Can CRISPR gene editing save chocolate from extinction?

Business Insider | 
Beyond the glittery glass-and-sandstone walls of the University of California’s new biosciences building, rows of tiny green cacao seedlings in ...

GMO papaya saved an $11 million industry in Hawaii—and set off a political storm

Business Insider | 
It started with rotting flesh. ... It was a sign of trouble for hundreds of Hawaiian papaya farmers who, for the next several ...
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Infographic: 5 popular foods genetically modified by humans–before GMOs

Business Insider | 
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat a completely "natural" diet? Well, for starters, you wouldn't ...
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DuPont Pioneer plans to market gene-edited CRISPR corn, USDA will not regulate it as a GMO

Business Insider | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. In a letter released ...
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