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13 discoveries in 2020 that have transformed what we know about human evolution

13 discoveries in 2020 that have transformed what we know about human evolution

Business Insider | 
Here are some of the most eye-raising anthropological findings of 2020. … 2) Certain Neanderthal genes, researchers found, code for proteins ...
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Like humans, chimpanzees focus on fewer, more meaningful friendships as they age

Business Insider | 
Young adults maintain many friendships, but as people grow older, they tend to winnow that group down to a select ...
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Fox News fetes Chinese scientists claiming China made and intentionally released COVID virus. Turns out they are on former Trump strategist Steve Bannon’s payroll

Business Insider | 
A strange new paper claiming the coronavirus was a "laboratory product" quietly made its way into a repository of preliminary research ...
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Past decade taught us how wrong we were about human evolution, including when our ancestors left Africa

Business Insider | 
In recent years, anthropologists around the world have discovered new human ancestors, figured out what happened to the Neanderthals, and pushed ...
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Hominids in love: Humans and Neanderthals may have mated more than 219,000 years ago

New Scientist | 
If modern humans didn’t reach Europe until about 60,000 years ago, how has DNA from them turned up in a ...
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When loud noises interrupt conversations, your brain fills in the blanks

New Scientist | 
Noise is everywhere, but that’s OK. Your brain can still keep track of a conversation in the face of revving ...

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