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Nature’s mistake? Meet the ‘world’s ugliest orchid’

Nature’s mistake? Meet the ‘world’s ugliest orchid’

Ibrahim Sawal | 
[A new species], Gastrodia agnicellus, was discovered earlier this year in the deep shade underneath leaves on the forest floor in Madagascar ...

Has a less deadly version of COVID evolved in Europe?

Adam Vaughan | 
In England, the proportion of people infected by the coronavirus who later died was certainly lower in early August than ...
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Engineering soil bacteria could help develop enhanced, ‘non-GMO’ crops for Europe

Laura Bergshoef | 
Plant breeding – a method of selecting plants from a group that have the desired properties – is central to ...
can you boost your immune system to prevent coronavirus spread x

Video: How to boost your immune system to guard against COVID and other illnesses

Sam Wong | 
Scientists have recently developed ways to measure your immune age. Fortunately, it turns out your immune age can go down ...
neuralink screenshot

Elon Musk unveils Neuralink brain implant in live pigs that could lead to integrating computers into humans

Leah Crane | 
In an announcement on 28 August, Neuralink unveiled prototypes of its device and showed off pigs with the devices implanted ...
leg exercises featured

12 lifestyle changes to cut risk from dementia

Alice Klein | 
[A major] review identified the biggest known risk factors for dementia as smoking, excess alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, head injury, depression, hearing loss and exposure to air ...
patient image

CRISPR provides ‘functional cure’ for patients with beta thalassemia, sickle cell disease, preliminary study shows

Michael Le Page | 
Result of this ongoing trial, which is the first to use CRISPR to treat inherited genetic disorders, were announced [June ...
goat jpg

GMO goats can produce ‘blockbuster’ cancer drug in their milk, which could slash prices for patients

Alice Klein | 
Goats can be genetically modified to produce a common cancer drug in their milk, which could slash its production costs ...
shutterstock x

Facing the coronavirus and uncertainty: Why do some of us shrug it off, while others hoard toilet paper?

Rachel Mccloy | 
MANY people seem to be dealing with the recent coronavirus outbreak in one of two ways: by panicking or shrugging ...
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Coronavirus mystery: Why aren’t there more cases in Africa?

Adam Vaughan | 
Experts still don’t know why so few cases of the new coronavirus have been reported in Africa, despite China – ...
first protein meteorite

Extraterrestrial protein found inside meteorite? If true, discovery bolsters pursuit of alien life

Leah Crane | 
A team of researchers claim to have found a protein inside a meteorite. It would be the first protein ever ...
screenshot mind readers the scientists setting coma victims free

Do you want to live or die? ‘Mind reading’ could help patients with severe brain injuries answer the question

Clare Wilson | 
When a person sustains a severe brain injury that leaves them unable to communicate, their families and doctors often have ...
chimpanzee human brains

Human brains have more in common with our ‘ape cousins’ than previously thought

James Urquhart | 
Our brains could have more in common with our ape cousins than previously thought, which might require us to rethink ...
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‘It’s the wild west out there’: Courts frequently use controversial psychological tests

Clare Wilson | 
A third of the psychological tests used in US court proceedings aren’t generally accepted by experts in the field, a ...
nesyamun credit courtesy leeds museums and galleries

Ancient mummy ‘speaks’ with reconstructed vocal tract

Donna Lu | 
David Howard at Royal Holloway, University of London, and his colleagues have reconstructed the vocal tract of Nesyamun, a priest ...
px Chicken Farm

CRISPR immunizes chickens against deadly virus, potentially boosting global egg and meat production

Michael Le Page | 
CRISPR genome editing has been used to make chickens resistant to a common virus. The approach could boost egg and ...
tb dogs articlelarge

Your dog may be paying closer attention to your words than you realize

Gege Li | 
Dogs pay much closer attention to what humans say than we realised, even to words that are probably meaningless to ...
tobacco x

Could ‘ultrasonic squeals’ from plants help farmers protect water-starved crops?

Adam Vaughan | 
Although it has been revealed in recent years that plants are capable of seeing, hearing and smelling, they are still ...
genome sequencing custom cebcb a d d fac bd fe f e afc s c

Genetic sequencing for everyone? UK trial program challenged as ‘ethically questionable’

Clare Wilson | 
Plans for the National Health Service to sequence the DNA of every baby born in the UK, starting with a ...
vpr vermont edition brain marijuana cannabis youth mental health istock feodora chiosea

Does marijuana help with depression and anxiety? This study finds scant evidence to support growing claims

Ruby Scully | 
A major study has found little evidence that cannabis helps with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions, despite growing ...
FoxtrotOrganicFarm e

If Britain and Wales went 100% organic, crop yields would crash by half and carbon emissions would double, UK study shows

Michael Le Page | 
Greenhouse gas emissions would go up if all farms in England and Wales went organic. Though the emissions of individual ...
black and white quinoa grains

Viewpoint: ‘Ancient grains’ can transform your health? Probably not—and they’re more recent than you think

James Wong | 
KHORASAN, teff, emmer and amaranth. No, these aren’t planets in the next Star Wars movie, but some of the growing ...
px victorian funnelweb side

Funnel web spider venom kills a human in an hour—can we use it to battle deadly honeybee pests?

Leo Benedictus | 
A bite from a funnel web spider delivers neurotoxins that can kill an adult in hours, or a child in ...
2-3-2019 womb babies daily

Early intervention: Sequencing fetal DNA could identify genetic disorders

Sam Wong | 
A new test allows doctors to diagnose genetic disorders in fetuses early in pregnancy by sequencing small amounts of fetal ...
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CRISPR used to fight virus hiding inside banana genome

Michael Le Page | 
Genome editing has been used to destroy a virus that lurks inside many of the bananas grown in Africa. Other ...

Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess really did die in Spandau prison, DNA test confirms

Rowan Hooper | 
It is one of the greatest remaining conspiracy theories of the second world war. In May 1941, Adolf Hitler’s deputy führer, Rudolf Hess, ...

Gene-edited crops declared GMOs in EU court ruling

Michael Le Page | 
Organisms created by methods that alter the DNA, including CRISPR gene editing, should be subject to the same EU laws as ...
Up to 270 of 450,000 British women who missed breast cancer screens because of computer error died...or maybe not

Up to 270 of 450,000 British women who missed breast cancer screens because of computer error died…or maybe not

David Spiegelhalter | 
It was announced...that, between 2009 and 2018, a computer error meant that 450,000 women aged around 70 in the UK were ...
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