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neuralink screenshot

Elon Musk unveils Neuralink brain implant in live pigs that could lead to integrating computers into humans

New Scientist | 
In an announcement on 28 August, Neuralink unveiled prototypes of its device and showed off pigs with the devices implanted ...
first protein meteorite

Extraterrestrial protein found inside meteorite? If true, discovery bolsters pursuit of alien life

New Scientist | 
A team of researchers claim to have found a protein inside a meteorite. It would be the first protein ever ...

Eye tech: Synthetic iris may revolutionize human eye repair

New Scientist | 
An artificial iris can open and close in response to sunlight without any other outside control, just like the ones ...
t nanorobots computer artwork x

Medication time-released ‘talking’ nanoparticles could target cancer

New Scientist | 
Two nanoparticles have communicated with one another to perform a task for the first time, paving the way for more ...