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Can CBD treat autism, epilepsy? Growing body of evidence suggests it may be possible

Spectrum | 
A single dose of cannabidiol, a component of marijuana, eases seizures and improves learning and sociability in mice with mutations ...

How autistic children overcome the challenge of understanding how others view the world

Spectrum | 
To understand another person’s point of view, children with autism need to actively suppress their own, a new study suggests ...

Alien limb syndrome: Understanding how brain injuries can rob the sense of free will

Scientific American | 
When Ryan Darby was a neurology resident, he was familiar with something called alien limb syndrome, but that did not ...
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She’s blind, but sees movement. Woman’s condition may help us understand brain’s inner workings

Scientific American | 
Milena Canning can see steam rising from a coffee cup but not the cup. She can see her daughter’s ponytail ...
Waking in the night

Why dreams are so hard to remember and what you can do about it

Live Science | 
In waking life, [quickly] forgetting recent experiences would surely land you in a doctor's office. With dreams, however, forgetting is ...
Screen Shot at AM

Face time: Babies’ attraction to human faces may develop in the womb

Spectrum | 
Fetuses favor patterns of light that resemble faces over those without face-like features, a new study suggests. The the ...

Autism and ADHD are genetically linked

Spectrum | 
A trio of studies make the strongest case to date that autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) share similar ...

Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero’s ‘brainless’ proposed ‘head transplant’ project

BrainDecoder | 
When Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero recently announced his plans to conduct a human head transplant, that is, to put an ...

What will the future of brain science bring?

Live Science | 
The more scientists learn about the brain, the more questions arise and the more challenging the quest to understand human ...

Genetics make some people prone to depression

Live Science | 
Why do some people sail through life's difficulties, while others get mired in depression? A certain gene may explain such ...
angelina jolie

Angelina turns to another preventative surgery, based on BRCA1 mutation

Live Science | 
Angelina Jolie's mutation-inspired preventative double mastectomy raised public awareness of the risks associated with BRCA1 mutations. Now, she's looking at ...
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