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GMO debate distracting us from more effective food security interventions

Forbes | 
While donors may be quickly seduced by talk of "easy," high-tech solutions to hunger, such as genetic engineering, there may ...

Golden rice and GMOs: The best solutions to world hunger?

Forbes | 
Earlier in the week I wrote an article about genetically engineered food, and why I thought it was a bad idea ...

Why genetically modifying food is a bad idea

Forbes | 
Recently the debate over genetically modified (GMO) foods has heated up again.  In just the past few weeks, articles about ...

“Organic” is one of the most confusing labels, report says

Forbes | 
The label “organic” is one of the most confusing for consumers, says a new report by the Natural Foods Merchandiser ...

Genetic engineering: Is it a a food fix or does it cause more problems?

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Genetically engineered (GE) crops are often discussed as the way to feed the world’s growing populations and to mitigate the ...