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How RNA-based vaccines will revolutionize medicine and disease treatments

How RNA-based vaccines will revolutionize medicine and disease treatments

Caroline Seydel | 
The two vaccine candidates produced by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are unlike any other vaccine that’s come before. Should they achieve ...
37%-to-60% of Americans say they are not sure they will get a vaccine. If that resistance holds, we won’t reach ‘herd immunity’ and COVID will not go away

37%-to-60% of Americans say they are not sure they will get a vaccine. If that resistance holds, we won’t reach ‘herd immunity’ and COVID will not go away

William Haseltine | 
The World Health Organization estimates that 65 to 70 percent of a given population must be vaccinated to halt the spread of ...
Viewpoint: ‘Organic crops are healthier than GMOs,’ and 6 other anti-science myths we should forget

Viewpoint: ‘Organic crops are healthier than GMOs,’ and 6 other anti-science myths we should forget

Ethan Siegel | 
As much as we hate to acknowledge it, many of the once-viable ideas that are swimming around in the memory ...
No country has yet approved human embryo gene editing

No country has yet approved human embryo gene editing

Farah Qaiser | 
[F]our researchers reviewed policy documents from 106 countries to map out the policy landscape regarding human germline and heritable genome ...
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How synthetic biology can eliminate pollutants in wastewater and soil

John Cumbers | 
Allonnia launched with $40 million in funding to engineer and commercialize microbes to eliminate pollutants in wastewater and soil. "The waste ...
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Viewpoint: Farming one of the ‘most inefficient industries.’ The CRISPR revolution could change that

John Cumbers | 
Agriculture is one of the most inefficient industries on the planet. Current industrial farming methods demand unsustainable amounts of water, ...
beyond meat

Beyond Meat announces 2021 launch of leaner plant-based burgers to satisfy ‘health-conscious consumers’

Chloe Sorvino | 
As demand for plant-based products surge, Beyond Meat is making sure it keeps its health-conscious consumers coming back. The company ...

The woman who challenged 19th century conventional wisdom: Are females ‘biologically barred from success’?

Katie Jennings | 
One of the first women to scientifically debunk men's alleged superiority, [trailblazing psychologist Leta Stetter] Hollingworth’s research lent credibility to ...

DNA testing in the workplace

Tom Spiggle | 
To help prevent genetic discrimination, Congress passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA). Let’s take a look at this law ...
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Next Green Revolution: Gene-silencing technology opens door to safer pesticides, more GMO crops

Michael Helmstetter | 
In the 1940s, modern chemistry delivered new classes of man-made chemical pesticides that still are widely used today. These synthetic ...
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‘I was wrong’: Why we shouldn’t start giving COVID-19 vaccinations now

Steven Salzberg | 
I wrote a blog post [on August 2] that has generated tremendous pushback, including an op-ed in the New York Times as well as ...
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Growing fish in space: Lab-grown tuna could feed astronauts of the future

John Cumbers | 
.... [S]ending items into space is extremely expensive—about $10,000 a pound. Space dwellers will need to find a way to ...
synthetic biology

Opening the floodgates to synthetic biology innovations in drugs, textiles, agricultural products and advanced materials

John Cumbers | 
Today’s DNA makers still create their products using chemistry. To form a new double helix, the individual letters of DNA ...
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Injecting live bacteria into tumors? Synthetic biology revives a controversial century old cancer cure

John Cumbers | 
Could the body, in fighting against a pathogen, also be battling a tumor? After injecting bacteria into a patient who ...
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Impossible Foods says plant-based meat can ‘disrupt’ animal agriculture without displacing farmers

Jeff McMahon | 
The plant-based meat industry will need the millions of workers now employed in animal agriculture, the founder of Impossible Foods ...
clean meat

Can we prevent another pandemic with lab-grown, plant-based meat?

John Cumbers | 
In September 2019—two months before the first reported case of the coronavirus—the World Health Organization published a report that said, ...
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‘A lot of secrets’ in coronavirus genomes: Why are some strains so deadly, while others remain more mild?

Alex Knapp | 
[In 1965, a] group of researchers in England, led by Dr. David Tyrrell, was learning more about the common cold ...
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Puff piece: Lab-made ‘Incredible Cotton’ may grow 10 times faster and cut environmental impact of the traditional crop

Jeff Kart | 
You might call this a puff piece, because it’s about cotton that’s just as fluffy but more sustainable than the ...
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Hydroxychloroquine proves ineffective against coronavirus in small Chinese trial

William Haseltine | 
Results from a controlled clinical trial from China on the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 have shown ...
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‘RIPE’ computer model that boosts photosynthesis could help increase food production by 20% per acre

Jeff Kart | 
There’s an international research project called RIPE, short for Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency. The effort .... most recently has developed ...
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Gene-edited, salt-tolerant rice grown at sea could help feed 3.5 billion people sustainably

Ariella Simke | 
Growing rice in the ocean sounds a little whacky, but ocean agriculture is an emerging form of food production that ...

We have 4 ways to search for alien life. Where should we focus our resources?

Ethan Siegel | 
There are, right now, four ways to search for alien life, ranging from the most passive to the most active ...
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Non-GMO, high-protein ‘smart peas’ slated for 2021 debut, with other ‘super trait’ crop varieties to follow

Lana Bandoim | 
Equinom, an Israeli startup, raised $10 million in a Series B round of funding from BASF Venture Capital, Roquette, Trendlines ...
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Fungi-based ‘faux bacon’ sold out on Valentine’s Day—now it’s headed for a San Francisco butcher shop

Jeff Kart | 
This bacon is elusive. It doesn’t come from a pig. You can’t even buy it anymore. Maybe that’s because people ...
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Gene editing ‘rice revolution’: CRISPR could be used to grow one of the world’s most important crops in salt water

Arielle Simke | 
Traditional agriculture requires many inputs; fertilizer, specific chemicals, manual labor and water. Most of the water used in agriculture is ...
marijuana pot in hand

‘What’s in my weed?’ Organic certification for cannabis coming soon

Katie Shapiro | 
Do you know what’s in your weed? For the majority of cannabis consumers, the answer is a resounding no—despite claims ...

10 common misconceptions about China’s coronavirus

Bruce Lee | 
“There is so much misinformation out there,” said Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., the Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer at NYMC, ...

Natural GMOs: Study shows that 12 popular foods were genetically modified by mother nature

Steven Salzberg | 
Even though no one has found any evidence that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are harmful, anti-GMO activists have  campaigned against ...
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