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Hydroxychloroquine proves ineffective against coronavirus in small Chinese trial

William Haseltine | 
Results from a controlled clinical trial from China on the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 have shown ...
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‘RIPE’ computer model that boosts photosynthesis could help increase food production by 20% per acre

Jeff Kart | 
There’s an international research project called RIPE, short for Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency. The effort .... most recently has developed ...
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Gene-edited, salt-tolerant rice grown at sea could help feed 3.5 billion people sustainably

Ariella Simke | 
Growing rice in the ocean sounds a little whacky, but ocean agriculture is an emerging form of food production that ...

We have 4 ways to search for alien life. Where should we focus our resources?

Ethan Siegel | 
There are, right now, four ways to search for alien life, ranging from the most passive to the most active ...
GG June Cover image

Non-GMO, high-protein ‘smart peas’ slated for 2021 debut, with other ‘super trait’ crop varieties to follow

Lana Bandoim | 
Equinom, an Israeli startup, raised $10 million in a Series B round of funding from BASF Venture Capital, Roquette, Trendlines ...
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Fungi-based ‘faux bacon’ sold out on Valentine’s Day—now it’s headed for a San Francisco butcher shop

Jeff Kart | 
This bacon is elusive. It doesn’t come from a pig. You can’t even buy it anymore. Maybe that’s because people ...
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Gene editing ‘rice revolution’: CRISPR could be used to grow one of the world’s most important crops in salt water

Arielle Simke | 
Traditional agriculture requires many inputs; fertilizer, specific chemicals, manual labor and water. Most of the water used in agriculture is ...
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‘What’s in my weed?’ Organic certification for cannabis coming soon

Katie Shapiro | 
Do you know what’s in your weed? For the majority of cannabis consumers, the answer is a resounding no—despite claims ...

10 common misconceptions about China’s coronavirus

Bruce Lee | 
“There is so much misinformation out there,” said Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., the Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer at NYMC, ...

Natural GMOs: Study shows that 12 popular foods were genetically modified by mother nature

Steven Salzberg | 
Even though no one has found any evidence that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are harmful, anti-GMO activists have  campaigned against ...
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High yielding, gene-edited potato could help prevent future french fry shortages

Jeff Kart | 
Panic is setting in about a potential french fry shortage in the near future, due to a poor potato harvest ...
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Weed-pulling robots are here. Can they eliminate chemical herbicides?

Alexandra Wilson | 
Early this year, 85-year-old Bonipak Produce unleashed an orange, 8,000-pound autonomous robot upon its California vegetable fields. It was one ...
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Viewpoint: Paper straws, vegan diets won’t stop climate change—but sustainable ‘bioproducts’ might

John Cumbers | 
Are you slurping through a paper straw, searching for the next green product that will save the planet? Sorry to ...
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Sustainable synthetic biology is taking over cosmetics, personal care

John Cumbers | 
Synthetic biology companies are already producing many of the ingredients found in personal care products using biosynthesis, the same basic ...
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Viewpoint: Brazilian farmers destroy the Amazon? Here’s what Greenpeace isn’t telling you

Michael Shellenberger | 
In 2016, the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen flew over the Amazon forest with the head of Greenpeace Brazil as part ...
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Trump executive order streamlines biotech regulations. Here’s what that means for agriculture

Donald Marvin | 
[In June], President Trump signed an Executive Order to streamline the complex maze of rules and policies that regulate agricultural ...
GG June Cover image

As technology ‘wipes out’ traditional work, biotech investment could revitalize rural America

John Cumbers | 
Cow-free burgers are now all the rage — after Beyond Meats’ recent IPO, shares rose 163% on the first day ...
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Book review: ‘The Lives of Bees’ offers 14 tips to help keep honeybees healthy and pollinating our crops

What were the lives of wild honey bees like before humans began intensively managing them and moving them all over ...
5-22-2019 x

Meet the new generation of young biotech entrepreneurs

Ellie Kincaid, Michela Tindera | 
Crispr had no obvious relevance to human health when it was first described in 1987, but [Jennifer] Doudna, who won ...
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Can biohacking transform our homes into ‘hospitals of the future’?

Francesco Corea | 
The need of having a higher quality of care and more control and transparency over individual healthcare are affecting the ...
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Virtual reality helps autistic children tackle phobias

Sol Rogers | 
One tool that is being embraced by therapists, counselors, teachers, parents and their children to help those with autism to better ...
4-8-2019 feature

Viewpoint: DNA data ‘rat race’ bringing down costs of precision medicine but perils of security risks escalate

Jayshree Pandya | 
It is said that this is the best of times for direct to consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies, human disease ...
3-21-2019 aaron kosminski murder featured

‘Terrible science’: Archaeological geneticists blast study that used DNA to identify Jack the Ripper

Kristina Killgrove | 
News media was buzzing [March 18] with a claim that scientists had finally figured out the real identity of the ...
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Viewpoint: Call for moratorium on heritable gene editing reminds us of gene therapy’s troubled early days

Greg Licholai | 
A group of influential scientists have urged that clinical use of CRISPR be put on hold in the wake of ...
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Glyphosate meta-analysis appeared to raise legitimate concerns that Monsanto’s Roundup may cause cancer, then Genetic Literacy Project pointed out study’s fatal flaws

Steven Salzberg | 
In the new study, by a group of scientists from UC Berkeley, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and the University of ...
2-6-2019 reviews feat dna rev

Defending 23andMe’s DNA health test: ‘You will learn something’ of value

Steven Salzberg | 
The New York Times decided to publish an editorial ... warning people to "be careful about 23andMe's Health Test." What are they ...
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Viewpoint: Green New Deal should invest in precision agriculture

Austin Frerick | 
When policymakers talk about “green jobs,” they tend to default to examples in solar power, wind and other sources of ...

4 expanding technologies that could help boost crop yields and preserve the environment

Donald Marvin | 
The scope of [agricultural] advances during the past three years is nothing short of astonishing. Today’s growers now have at ...