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Pesticide evolution: Can natural chemicals help battle insects, weeds and disease without harming the planet?

A new collaboration between the two R&D pioneers aims to accelerate the discovery of breakthrough crop protection technologies. If you ...
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Growing fish in space: Lab-grown tuna could feed astronauts of the future

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.... [S]ending items into space is extremely expensive—about $10,000 a pound. Space dwellers will need to find a way to ...
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Opening the floodgates to synthetic biology innovations in drugs, textiles, agricultural products and advanced materials

Forbes | 
Today’s DNA makers still create their products using chemistry. To form a new double helix, the individual letters of DNA ...
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Injecting live bacteria into tumors? Synthetic biology revives a controversial century old cancer cure

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Could the body, in fighting against a pathogen, also be battling a tumor? After injecting bacteria into a patient who ...
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‘Sugar is the villain’: Biohacking and synthetic biology do battle against diabetes and heart disease

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Here’s a look into the next generation of low-calorie sugar alternatives and continuous glucose monitoring systems set to change the ...
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If we want to go to Mars, we’ll need to figure out how to feed our astronauts. Synthetic biology can help.

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Revolutionary food production and closed-loop biomanufacturing could transform human space travel and address the growing food crisis on Earth ...
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Can we prevent another pandemic with lab-grown, plant-based meat?

Forbes | 
In September 2019—two months before the first reported case of the coronavirus—the World Health Organization published a report that said, ...
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Can synthetic biology help deliver an AI brain as smart as the real thing?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
To create artificial general intelligence, we need to study the brain ...

Pesticides endanger humans, animals, beneficial insects? Rethinking simplistic notions, understanding trade-offs in sustainability and health

Genetic Literacy Project | 
As much as pesticides are a threat to certain ecosystems, they’re also responsible for providing the planet with food in ...

Genetically modified mosquitoes are a small price to pay for malaria eradication

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Will opponents of gene engineering deny prevention to suffering families? ...
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‘Drink like there is tomorrow’: Inside the quest to prevent hangovers with a GMO probiotic

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Engineered probiotics and other microbes provide amazing opportunities ...
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‘Next industrial revolution’: How synthetic biology will transform manufacturing and improve sustainability

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To create sustainable cities, we need to use synthetic biology ...
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Viewpoint: Paper straws, vegan diets won’t stop climate change—but sustainable ‘bioproducts’ might

Forbes | 
Are you slurping through a paper straw, searching for the next green product that will save the planet? Sorry to ...
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Sustainable synthetic biology is taking over cosmetics, personal care

Forbes | 
Synthetic biology companies are already producing many of the ingredients found in personal care products using biosynthesis, the same basic ...

Podcast: Turning mushrooms into bacon (and other cool stuff) to boost sustainability

SynBioBeta | 
Today John Cumbers [founder and CEO of SynBioBeta] talks with Eben Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder of the biomaterials company Ecovative ...
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As technology ‘wipes out’ traditional work, biotech investment could revitalize rural America

Forbes | 
Cow-free burgers are now all the rage — after Beyond Meats’ recent IPO, shares rose 163% on the first day ...

Synthetic biology could outperform plants at producing marijuana components. But obstacles remain.

SynBioBeta | 
Using the tools of synthetic biology, innovators are making a bold move into the cannabinoid industry, particularly as cannabinoids are ...