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Can you market your genome as a non-fungible token (NFT)?

Can you market your genome as a non-fungible token (NFT)?

Aishani Aatresh | SynBioBeta | 
In the past few months, [a novel cryptocurrency asset called] non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become the hot new investment ...
We could face a global food crisis by 2050. Is synthetic biology the solution?

We could face a global food crisis by 2050. Is synthetic biology the solution?

Rodalyn Guinto | SynBioBeta | 
Synthetic biology has the potential to reshape our agriculture systems and to usher in a new era equitable and of ...

Synthetic biology ‘apps’: Here comes a revolution in medicine, chemicals, agriculture and food

Matthew Kirschner | SynBioBeta | 
Today, anyone who can code can win in the internet economy. Thanks to services such as Amazon’s AWS and Apple’s ...

Infographic: 3 strategies for finding coronavirus treatments

SynBioBeta | 
The scientific community is working around the clock, not only to protect us from COVID-19, but to prevent future strains ...
mushroom leather

Fashion future? 5 surprising industries synthetic biology could take over

Jenna Gallegos | SynBioBeta | 
In this post, we highlight a few of the growing fields where burgeoning synthetic biologists can expect to find job ...
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Saving seafood: Lab-grown microalgae could help sustain the world’s overfished oceans

Niko McCarty | SynBioBeta | 
Oceans once teeming with life are being whittled away. Larger, predatory fish – salmon and tuna included – are now ...
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Viewpoint: Synthetic biology, and the quest to engineer life, will define a generation

Desiree Ho | SynBioBeta | 
More than ever, the systemic and slowly unfolding problems in our world today will define my generation. From petroleum-based production ...

Probiotics as ‘living medicine’: Synthetic biology takes on gut diseases, metabolic syndromes

Kostas Vavitsas | SynBioBeta | 
Engineered probiotics could relieve patients of metabolic diseases ...

Podcast: Turning mushrooms into bacon (and other cool stuff) to boost sustainability

Eben Bayer, John Cumbers | SynBioBeta | 
Today John Cumbers [founder and CEO of SynBioBeta] talks with Eben Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder of the biomaterials company Ecovative ...

‘GMO is too simplistic’: Why industrial microbes need their own classification system

ASTM International is the global leader in voluntary technical standards. If you’ve ever worn a bicycle helmet, for example, you’ve ...

Synthetic biology could outperform plants at producing marijuana components. But obstacles remain.

Using the tools of synthetic biology, innovators are making a bold move into the cannabinoid industry, particularly as cannabinoids are ...
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Biological DNA could solve our long-term data storage crisis

Matt Klusas | SynBioBeta | 
Molecular Information Storage, or MIST – also known as DNA digital storage and several other names – is using biological ...
3-31-2019 unnamed file

How synthetic biology could fight athletic doping with ‘biosensors’

Embriette Hyde | SynBioBeta | 
It’s no secret that sports suffer from doping, the use of banned substances that enhance athletic performance. From Lance Armstrong ...
n fix crops

How synthetic biology can cut nitrogen pollution and help reverse climate change

Kevin Costa | SynBioBeta | 
“I should say that I’m probably the doom and gloom story,” said the World Economic Forum’s Nishan Degnarain to laughter, ...

Why 2019 will bring DNA data storage closer to reality

Embriette Hyde | SynBioBeta | 
SynBioBeta 2018 culminated in a final panel discussion about the future of DNA synthesis — what many would call the future ...
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Biotech firm Pivot Bio beta testing ‘clean, alternative’ nitrogen fertilizer to spare farmland, protect waterways

SynBioBeta | 
Across the Corn Belt this summer, Pivot Bio and farmers in the company’s Intent to Pivot program are beta testing the first sustainable nitrogen ...
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Biofabrication: Using living organisms to make every day products, from shoes to silk

Andras Forgacs | SynBioBeta | 
Biofabrication [is] the science of using living organisms to build with biology and make everyday products. For the first time, ...

China’s biotech industry growing rapidly, surpassing those of other nations

Julia Turan | SynBioBeta | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Biotechnology and synthetic biology ...
SBB definition resized

What the [email protected]$! is Synthetic Biology?

Maxx Chatsko | SynBioBeta | 
Synthetic biology is often portrayed as the Next New Thing, a development that will revolutionize the way we think of ...
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