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For synthetic biology to reach its potential, building new chromosomes from scratch must become commonplace—and we may be getting close

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Many of the needed technological breakthroughs can be achieved in the next several years ...
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Viewpoint: Don’t expect synthetic biology to reverse climate change. But it could help, if we use it correctly.

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There are several ways in which synthetic biology may have a positive contribution to our carbon footprint ...

Probiotics as ‘living medicine’: Synthetic biology takes on gut diseases, metabolic syndromes

SynBioBeta | 
Engineered probiotics could relieve patients of metabolic diseases ...
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Sustainable dyes and fabrics created through synthetic biology promise to revolutionize fashion industry

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The fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions; that is more than air and sea transport ...
blindness causing genetic defect corrected using crispr

Why this attempt to cure an inherited form of blindness with CRISPR is so important

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The time has come to see if the promises of CRISPR as a therapeutic tool hold true ...
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‘Better’ gut bacteria probably won’t turn you into an elite athlete. But could it give you a performance boost?

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Athletes getting an edge from a probiotic boost may be more realistic than once thought ...

Using engineered gut bacteria to fight genetic disease

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A Boston-based synthetic biology company is taking a novel approach to treating the rare genetic metabolic disorder Phenylketonuria. Synlogic uses ...