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Meat from algae: The next plant-based contribution to sustainable food production?

Kostas Vavitsas | 
Microalgae capture sunlight using pigments of vibrant colors, such as chlorophylls, carotenoids, and phycocyanin. In particular, the algae spirulina and ...
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Despite Europe’s strict GMO rules, biotechnology can still help farmers feed the continent

Farhan Mitha | 
The EU has recently laid out a series of targets to dramatically reduce the amounts of chemicals used in European ...
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CRISPR coffee? And puppies? 10 novel uses for gene editing you probably didn’t know about

Clara Fernández | 
You might have heard of the tremendous potential CRISPR could have in treating disease. The technology is already accelerating the ...
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GMO ‘fusion protein’ technology could expand genetic diversity in food crops, increasing farm sustainability

Laura Cowen | 
For many years, the only way to improve characteristics such as yield and nutritional value of crops was through selective ...
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Viewpoint: From biofuels to food flavorings, here’s 10 ways biotechnology boosts sustainability

Clara Fernández | 
As climate change looms over our future, many industries are turning to biology for solutions to make all aspects of ...
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Biofuel from GMO trees could cut global oil use, but EU biotech rules slow development

Jonathan Smith | 
The looming threat of climate change is increasing the pressure to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. New technologies to ...
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Fat from gene-edited plants could make infant formula more nutritious, less expensive

Jonathan Smith | 
A team from the Rothamsted Research center, UK, has developed plants capable of mass-producing fat molecules resembling those in human ...

Microbial biofertilizer could boost sustainable farming as food demand booms

Jonathan Smith | 
Agriculture is facing tough challenges in the years ahead, including a rising world population and arable land and water becoming ...
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Food revolution: Will lab-grown meat, milk and eggs take over grocery stores?

Clara Fernández | 
It’s been 6 years since scientists grew the world’s first beef burger made without the cow in the lab. As ...

EU’s prohibitive gene-editing rules spur unprecedented backlash from plant scientists, crop biotech firms

Helen Albert | 
The controversial decision by the European courts [in July 2018] to regulate gene edited organisms as GMOs has already had ...
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Making a push for synthetic biology in Europe

Helen Albert | 
Within a few years synthetic biology has evolved from being a new player in the molecular biology and biotech arena, ...
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Deadly brain disease could be treated in the womb with gene therapy

Alexander Burik | 
A research team from the UK and Singapore showed that a neurodegenerative condition called Gaucher disease, which can be fatal, ...
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Molecular pharming: Could cancer treatments one day grow on trees?

Jonathan Smith | 
Could you imagine a world in which clinical treatments for illnesses such as cancer grew on trees? Professor Julian Ma ...
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Will economic protectionism prevent Europe from competing in crop gene editing race?

Ekaterina Perets | 
America and China are leading the development of new gene editing technologies via GMO production and bringing CRISPR to the ...

After 25 years, assessing progress of Human Genome Project?

Marie Godar | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis.  The Human Genome Project ...