Biotech firm Pivot Bio beta testing ‘clean, alternative’ nitrogen fertilizer to spare farmland, protect waterways

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Image: Financial Tribune

Across the Corn Belt this summer, Pivot Bio and farmers in the company’s Intent to Pivot program are beta testing the first sustainable nitrogen source for corn. These plants receive nitrogen on-demand each day from Pivot Bio’s proprietary and field-tested microbes. The beta program is the final step before product is commercially available for use with corn for 2019 planting.

…. For about 100 years, farmers have relied on [synthetic] nitrogen fertilizer …. While effective …. Some of it stays with the crops and does its job, while the rest volatilizes into the air and leaches into waterways …. Additionally, extensive use of synthetic chemical fertilizers has affected the soil microbiome ….

To provide this clean alternative …. Pivot Bio re-awakens the microbes’ natural ability to produce nitrogen. The nitrogen-producing microbes are applied at the time the corn crop is planted and grow along the root system of the corn, delivering nitrogen daily to the plant …. using Pivot Bio’s nitrogen-producing microbes across all U.S. corn acres …. would be the equivalent of removing nearly one million cars off the road.


“We are hitting all of the milestones critical to delivering a beta product into the marketplace,” said Karsten Temme, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Pivot Bio. “…. We are poised to provide corn growers with the first clean alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.”

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Read full, original article: Pivot Bio Advances Toward Commercial Launch of First Sustainable Nitrogen Product

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