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Lab-grown microbes could reduce agriculture’s dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers

Motley Fool | 
There's a potentially huge technology risk on the horizon [for] fertilizer companies  ....  next-generation biotech products called microbials .... Microbials ...
P Explorers Wanted NASA Recruitment Poster

Humans will never set foot on Mars without biotechnology

Motley Fool | 
Elon Musk has captured our imaginations by releasing plans to put humans on Mars by 2022 and establish a colony ...

Monsanto’s licensing of CRISPR will allow faster, more accurate, cheaper crop modification

Motley Fool | 
...[U]ntil last week Monsanto was operating with a very noticeable omission in its research and development arsenal. It's a wonder it took ...
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Organic agriculture’s low yields aren’t sustainable

Motley Fool | 
The United Nations has estimated that food production will need to nearly double from 2008 levels by the year 2050 to ...
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GMO seeds boost corn yields more than 40%

Motley Fool | 
Throughout human history, as the world's population has grown, so, too, has the amount of arable land converted into farmland ...
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Ecocide hysteria: Nassim Taleb may be risk expert but doesn’t understand science of GMOs

Motley Fool | 
Nassim Taleb, one of my favorite authors and thought donors alive today, is making my efforts to spread knowledge about ...
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What the [email protected]$! is Synthetic Biology?

SynBioBeta | 
Synthetic biology is often portrayed as the Next New Thing, a development that will revolutionize the way we think of ...

Fear of GMOs hurts US competitiveness, prevents ‘scientifically responsible’ investment

Motley Fool | 
Socially responsible investing has become pretty popular in recent years as a growing population of investors has decided to take ...

How genetic engineering can save the iconic American Chestnut tree

Motley Fool | 
An estimated 3 billion to 6 billion American chestnut trees once covered forests spreading from southern Mississippi to central Maine ...

Five unbelievable technologies made possible by synthetic biology

Motley Fool | 
Synthetic biology, or breaking down life into its basic component parts to create enhanced biological systems, can be likened to ...

Whole Foods GMO labeling requirements could alienate food suppliers

Motley Fool | 
With its voluntary GMO-labeling program that will be introduced in full by 2018, Whole Foods “will no doubt bolster its ...
px Ralls Texas Grain Silos

GMO foods and pharmaceuticals share regulatory similarities

Motley Fool | 
Contrary to fears of lack of regulation spread by GMO labeling advocates, GMO foods undergo much of the same types ...

Washington voters rightly rejected GMO labeling

Motley Fool | 
Washington voters made the right decision in rejecting the genetically modified food-labeling bill, writes Maxx Chatsko, a bioprocess engineer and ...

Trade barriers fan GMO misconceptions in Africa

Motley Fool | 
Monsanto attracts quite a bit of criticism for its transgenic crops and seeds, more commonly referred to as Genetically Modified Organisms, ...

Is it time to test your baby’s genetics?

Motley Fool | 
You're expecting. Got the baby crib? Check. Diapers and baby formula? Check. More diapers? Check. A prenatal, non-invasive test with ...

Myriad Genetics patent dispute: Genes are patentable, and that’s OK, says author

Motley Fool | 
The recent Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Geneticspatent dispute involving two genes for breast and ovarian cancer, BRCA 1 ...
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